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United States Nutrigenomics Market by Product & Services, Product, Technique, Application, Region, Competition, Forecast, and Opportunities, 2028F

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  • 74 Pages
  • July 2023
  • Region: United States
  • TechSci Research
  • ID: 5849440
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The United States Nutrigenomics Market is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period 2024-2028. The growing demand in the Nutrigenomics Market may be attributed to the increasing demand for a customized diet among athletes, the rising prevalence of obesity among people, and the growing significance of nutrient-rich food as a preventative measure for obesity and other diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and malnutrition. Given that different types of cancer are connected to dietary intake and can greatly affect cancer risk, nutrigenomics is crucial in cancer research to understand the etiologic elements of cancer. It is also known that nutritional genomics can be used to assess food safety and customize diets. With the numerous planned developments, it is projected that the field of diet and nutrition will advance as a result of the continued advancement of nutrigenomics.

One of the uses of genomics is nutrigenomics, which focuses on the investigation of how nutrition affects gene expression and metabolic pathways. In order to ascertain how a particular nutrient and dietary regimen can affect human health, nutrigenomics focuses on understanding the molecular interactions between the genome and the nutrients. The upcoming innovative therapeutic processes and methods are anticipated to receive considerable support from nutrigenomics. Further, increasing genomics research and the development of nutrigenomics services have made it possible for several strategic alliances between large firms. For instance, in July 2017, Helix, which had just launched the first online marketplace for DNA-powered products, collaborated with DNA Fit to produce five new DNA-based products. Due to the rising incidence of lifestyle disorders, including diabetes and obesity, the worldwide nutrigenomics industry is anticipated to experience enormous growth.

The growing demand in the Nutrigenomics Market may be attributed to the increasing demand for a customized diet among athletes, the rising prevalence of obesity among people, and the growing significance of nutrient-rich food as a preventative measure for obesity and other diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and malnutrition. As many experts have noted, food control can lower the risk of developing cancer, which is based on cancer research on individual nutrition, and this may also contribute to the expansion of the nutrigenomics market. Further, technology has advanced recently, and it will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future as well in the nutrigenomics market. The government's funding of research and development, as well as rising healthcare costs, have also contributed to the market's expansion. Notwithstanding the benefits, the market's expansion may be constrained by the need for doctors with advanced training and the rising expense of healthcare.

Also, national government agencies are launching programs to aid nutrigenomics studies. For instance, the AHA released a policy statement on nutritional assistance policies and suggestions for enhancing programs with a general focus on food security in March 2022. Priorities for food security include preventing chronic diet-related diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Such activities will probably open up new avenues for nutrigenomics study. As a result, it is anticipated to stimulate market expansion in the area.

Rising Demand for Nourishing Food is Driving Market Expansion

In the years to come, the market expansion is expected to be driven by the growing significance of nourishing food among the preventative measures for malnutrition, various cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and related illnesses. As more researchers realize that controlling one's food can lessen one's propensity to develop cancer, there is an increase in cancer research based on personal nutrition. As a result, the application sectors for obesity and cancer research rose to prominence in 2017 and are predicted to continue dominating throughout the projected period. Building a link between genetics and a person's response to their diet is made easier by nutrigenomics. For instance, modifications made in response to certain gene variations that may cause lactose and gluten sensitivity can be seen in the development of lactose and gluten-free foods. The production of food specifically matched to a specific gene profile, such as the strengthening of the frail immune system and the reduction of dietary cholesterol components, is now the focus of several leading manufacturers. Hence, the rising demand for nourishing food is driving the growth of the market throughout the forecast period.

Growing Prevalence of Obesity is Fueling the Growth of Market

The rise in the incidence of obesity is one of the key factors anticipated to propel the growth of the nutrigenomics market during the forecast period. In the US, the prevalence of adult obesity has been rising over time. Overeating and physical inactivity are the two most frequent causes of obesity. Yet, other factors such as genetics, metabolism, environment, behavior, and culture may also have an impact on obesity. The CDC lists the following as other American society-related contributing factors: the environment for food and physical activity, education and skill development, and food marketing and promotion. Obesity is the major cause of death, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and several types of cancer. It is also linked to poorer mental health outcomes and lower quality of life. IBISWorld predicts that, in the five years leading up to 2023, the obesity rate among people aged 18 and older will rise 1.2% per year to 32.74 people per 100 people. This factor is expected to demand for Nutrigenomics in the US throughout the forecast period.

Rising awareness in nutrigenomics to overcome various groups of diseases associated with diabetes is driving the demand during the forecast period. In 2021, more than two-thirds of adults in the US were obese or overweight. This factor is fueling the demand for the Nutrigenomics market in the US. Further, In the United States, obesity is an ongoing issue that is getting worse. In the United States, an astounding 32% of adults are now categorized as obese. State-by-state variations in obesity rates have been observed, with 25% in Hawaii and 41% in West Virginia being considered obese, respectively. West Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama have the highest obesity rates among the states.

High Cost of Implementation is Hampering the Growth of the US Nutrigenomics Market

Nutrigenomics combines cutting-edge medical technologies and procedures that cost a lot of money and an increasing number of highly qualified workers. High investment in manufacturing and manpower is hampering the overall growth of the market. Further, factors such as the high cost of genomic equipment and improper handling of equipment due to a lack of workers are two major factors anticipated to limit the market growth. Additionally, advancement in infrastructure, high investment in manufacturing facility along with the implementation of sophisticated technologies require high investment. Therefore, the high cost of implementation is anticipated to limit the growth of the US Nutrigenomics market.

Recent Development

  • In September 2022, Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. will have created its first formulation of a nutraceutical product and will be setting up the retail sales channels for the new item. A combination of fifteen components from medicinal plants and mushrooms make up this nutraceutical product.

Market Segmentation

United States Nutrigenomics Market is segmented based on Product & Services, Product, Technique, and Application. Based on Products & Services, the market is divided into Services (Nutrigenomics Genetic Testing) and Products. Based on Product, the market is segmented into Vitamins & Supplements, Probiotics, and Prebiotics. Based on the Technique, the market is divided into Saliva/Buccal Swabs, Blood, and Others. Based on Application, the market is divided into Obesity, Cancer Research, Cardiovascular Diseases, Digestive Health, and Others.

Market Players

The key players in the market are PHARMAGREEN BIOTECH INC., BioGaia, DuPont de Nemours, Inc., Nutrigenomix Inc., Metagenics, Inc., Genova Diagnostics, Inc., DNA fitMedGenome, Garden of Life, LLC., GeneOmbio, WellGen, Inc.

Report Scope

In this report, the United States Nutrigenomics Market has been segmented into the following categories, in addition to the industry trends, which have also been detailed below:

United States Nutrigenomics Market, By Product and Services:

  • Services (Nutrigenomics Genetic Testing)
  • Product

United States Nutrigenomics Market, By Product:

  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics

United States Nutrigenomics Market, By Technique:

  • Saliva/Buccal Swab
  • Blood
  • Others

United States Nutrigenomics Market, By Application:

  • Obesity
  • Cancer Research
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Digestive Health
  • Others

United States Nutrigenomics Market, By Region:

  • North-East
  • Mid-West
  • West
  • South

Competitive Landscape

Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of the major companies present in the United States Nutrigenomics Market.

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Table of Contents

1. Product Overview
1.1. Market Definition
1.2. Scope of the Market
1.2.1. Markets Covered
1.2.2. Years Considered for Study
1.2.3. Key Market Segmentations
2. Research Methodology
2.1. Objective of the Study
2.2. Baseline Methodology
2.3. Key Industry Partners
2.4. Major Association and Secondary Sources
2.5. Forecasting Methodology
2.6. Data Triangulation & Validation
2.7. Assumptions and Limitations
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Overview of the Market
3.2. Overview of Key Market Segmentations
3.3. Overview of Key Market Players
3.4. Overview of Key Regions/Countries
3.5. Overview of Market Drivers, Challenges, and Trends
4. Voice of Customers
5. United States Nutrigenomics Market Outlook
5.1. Market Size & Forecast
5.1.1. By Value & Volume
5.2. Market Share & Forecast
5.2.1. By Product & Services (Services (Nutrigenomics Genetic Testing) and Product)
5.2.2. By Product (Vitamins & Supplements, Probiotics, Prebiotics)
5.2.3. By Technique (Saliva/Buccal Swab, Blood, Others)
5.2.4. By Application (Obesity, Cancer Research, Cardiovascular Diseases, Digestive Health, Others)
5.2.5. By Region
5.2.6. By Company (2022)
5.3. Market Map
6. North-East Nutrigenomics Market Outlook
6.1. Market Size & Forecast
6.1.1. By Value
6.2. Market Share & Forecast
6.2.1. By Product & Services
6.2.2. By Product
6.2.3. By Technique
6.2.4. By Application
7. Mid-West Nutrigenomics Market Outlook
7.1. Market Size & Forecast
7.1.1. By Value
7.2. Market Share & Forecast
7.2.1. By Product & Services
7.2.2. By Product
7.2.3. By Technique
7.2.4. By Application
8. West Nutrigenomics Market Outlook
8.1. Market Size & Forecast
8.1.1. By Value
8.2. Market Share & Forecast
8.2.1. By Product & Services
8.2.2. By Product
8.2.3. By Technique
8.2.4. By Application
9. South Nutrigenomics Market Outlook
9.1. Market Size & Forecast
9.1.1. By Value
9.2. Market Share & Forecast
9.2.1. By Product & Services
9.2.2. By Product
9.2.3. By Technique
9.2.4. By Application
10. Market Dynamics
10.1. Drivers
10.2. Challenges
11. Market Trends & Developments12. Policy & Regulatory Landscape13. UAE Economic Profile
14. Competitive Landscape
14.1. BioGaia
14.2. DuPont de Nemours, Inc.
14.3. Nutrigenomix Inc.
14.4. Metagenics, Inc.
14.5. Genova Diagnostics, Inc.
14.6. DNA fit
14.7. MedGenome
14.8. Garden of Life, LLC.
14.9. GeneOmbio
14.10. WellGen Inc.
15. Strategic Recommendations

Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • BioGaia
  • DuPont de Nemours, Inc.
  • Nutrigenomix Inc.
  • Metagenics, Inc.
  • Genova Diagnostics, Inc.
  • DNA fit
  • MedGenome
  • Garden of Life, LLC.
  • GeneOmbio
  • WellGen Inc.