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Streamlining Digital Signal Processing. A Tricks of the Trade Guidebook. Edition No. 2

  • ID: 2176790
  • Book
  • July 2012
  • 496 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
This book presents recent advances in DSP to simplify, or increase the computational speed of, common signal processing operations. The topics describe clever DSP tricks of the trade not covered in conventional DSP textbooks. This material is practical, real-world, DSP tips and tricks as opposed to the traditional highly-specialized, math-intensive, research subjects directed at industry researchers and university professors. This book goes well beyond the standard DSP fundamentals textbook and presents new, but tried-and-true, clever implementations of digital filter design, spectrum analysis, signal generation, high-speed function approximation, and various other DSP functions.
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Preface xi

Contributors xiii

Part One Efficient Digital Filters

1. Lost Knowledge Refound: Sharpened FIR Filters 3
Matthew Donadio

2. Quantized FIR Filter Design Using Compensating Zeros 11
Amy Bell, Joan Carletta, and Kishore Kotteri

3. Designing Nonstandard Filters with Differential Evolution 25
Rainer Storn

4. Designing IIR Filters with a Given 3 dB Point 33
Ricardo A. Losada and Vincent Pellissier

5. Filtering Tricks for FSK Demodulation 43
David Shiung, Huei-Wen Ferng, and Richard Lyons

6. Reducing CIC Filter Complexity 51
Ricardo A. Losada and Richard Lyons

7. Precise Filter Design 59
Greg Berchin

8. Turbocharging Interpolated FIR Filters 73
Richard Lyons

9. A Most Effi cient Digital Filter: The Two-Path Recursive All-Pass Filter 85
Fred Harris

10. DC Blocker Algorithms 105
Randy Yates and Richard Lyons

11. Precise Variable-Q Filter Design 111
Shlomo Engelberg

12. Improved Narrowband Lowpass IIR Filters in Fixed-Point Systems 117
Richard Lyons

13. Improving FIR Filter Coeffi cient Precision 123
Zhi Shen

Part Two Signal and Spectrum Analysis Tricks

14. Fast, Accurate Frequency Estimators 137
Eric Jacobsen, Peter Kootsookos

15. Fast Algorithms for Computing Similarity Measures in Signals 147
James McNames

16. Effi cient Multi-tone Detection 157
Vladimir Vassilevsky

17. Turning Overlap-Save into a Multiband, Mixing, Downsampling Filter Bank 165
Mark Borgerding

18. Sliding Spectrum Analysis 175
Eric Jacobsen and Richard Lyons

19. Recovering Periodically Spaced Missing Samples 189
Andor Bariska

20. Novel Adaptive IIR Filter for Frequency Estimation and Tracking 197
Li Tan and Jean Jiang

21. Accurate, Guaranteed-Stable, Sliding DFT 207
Krzysztof Duda

22. Reducing FFT Scalloping Loss Errors without Multiplication 215
Richard Lyons

23. Slope Filtering: An FIR Approach to Linear Regression 227
Clay S. Turner

Part Three Fast Function Approximation Algorithms

24. Another Contender in the Arctangent Race 239
Richard Lyons

25. High-Speed Square Root Algorithms 243
Mark Allie and Richard Lyons

26. Function Approximation Using Polynomials 251
Jyri Ylöstalo

27. Efficient Approximations for the Arctangent Function 265
Sreeraman Rajan, Sichun Wang, Robert Inkol, and Alain Joyal

28. A Differentiator with a Difference 277
Richard Lyons

29. A Fast Binary Logarithm Algorithm 281
Clay S. Turner

30. Multiplier-Free Divide, Square Root, and Log Algorithms 285
François Auger, Bruno Feuvrie, Feng Li, and Zhen Luo

31. A Simple Algorithm for Fitting a Gaussian Function 297
Hongwei Guo

32. Fixed-Point Square Roots Using L-Bit Truncation 307
Abhishek Seth and Woon-Seng Gan

Part Four Signal Generation Techniques

33. Recursive Discrete-Time Sinusoidal Oscillators 319
Clay S. Turner

34. Direct Digital Synthesis: A Tool for Periodic Wave Generation 337
Lionel Cordesses

35. Implementing a ΣΔ DAC in Fixed-Point Arithmetic 353
Shlomo Engelberg

36. Effi cient 8-PSK/16-PSK Generation Using Distributed Arithmetic 361
Josep Sala

Part Five Assorted High-Performance DSP Techniques

39. Frequency Response Compensation with DSP 397
Laszlo Hars

40. Generating Rectangular Coordinates in Polar Coordinate Order 407
Charles Rader

41. The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Networks 413
Richard Lyons and Amy Bell

42. JPEG2000–Choices and Trade-offs for Encoders 431
Amy Bell and Krishnaraj Varma

43. Using Shift Register Sequences 441
Charles Rader

44. Efficient Resampling Implementations 449
Douglas W. Barker

45. Sampling Rate Conversion in the Frequency Domain 459
Guoan Bi and Sanjit K. Mitra

46. Enhanced-Convergence Normalized LMS Algorithm 469
Maurice Givens

Index 475

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Richard G. Lyons Consulting Engineer & Lecturer with Besser Associates (Mountain View, CA); Associate Editor and Columnist for IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown