Russell, Hugo and Ayliffe's Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation and Sterilization. 5th Edition

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The new edition of this established and highly respected text is THE definitive reference in its field. It details methods for the elimination or prevention/control of microbial growth, and features: 

- New chapters on bioterrorism and community healthcare
- New chapters on microbicide regulations in the EU, USA and Canada
- Latest material on microbial resistance to microbicides
- Updated material on new and emerging technologies, focusing on special problems in hospitals, dentistry and pharmaceutical practice
- Practical advice on problems of disinfection and antiseptics in healthcare
- A systematic review of sterilization methods, with uses and advantages outlined for each
- Evaluation of disinfectants and their mechanisms of action with respect to current regulations

The differences between European and North American regulations are highlighted throughout, making this a truly global work, ideal for worldwide healthcare professionals working in infectious diseases and infection control.
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Preface to the Fifth Edition x

Preface to the First Edition xi

SECTION 1 Principles

1 Historical Introduction 1Adam P. Fraise

2 Types of Microbicidal and Microbistatic Agents 5Ibrahim Al–Adham, Randa Haddadin and Phillip Collier

3 Factors Affecting the Activities of Microbicides 71Jean–Yves Maillard

4 Biofilm Recalcitrance: Theories and Mechanisms 87Andrew J. McBain, Najib Sufya and Alexander H. Rickard

5 Mechanisms of Action of Microbicides 95Peter A. Lambert

6 Bacterial Sensitivity and Resistance to Microbicides 108

6.1 Mechanisms of Bacterial Resistance to Microbicides 108Jean–Yves Maillard

6.2 Resistance of Bacterial Spores to Chemical Agents 121Peter Setlow

6.3 Testing of Chemicals as Mycobactericidal Agents 131Syed A. Sattar

7 Fungicidal Activity of Microbicides 142Sara Fernandes, Marta Simões, Nicolina Dias, Cledir Santos and Nelson Lima

8 Sensitivity and Resistance of Protozoa to Microbicides 155Vincent Thomas

9 Virucidal Activity of Microbicides 178Jean–Yves Maillard, Syed A. Sattar and Federica Pinto

10 Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies and Decontamination 208Gerald McDonnell

11 Microbicides the Double–edged Sword: Environmental Toxicity and Emerging Resistance 229Jean–Marie Pagès, Jean–Yves Maillard, Anne Davin–Regli and Susan Springthorpe

SECTION 2 Practice

12 Evaluation of Antimicrobial Effi cacy 236Lawrence Staniforth

13 Assessing the Efficacy of Professional Healthcare Antiseptics: a Regulatory Perspective 247Albert T. Sheldon

14 Regulation of Microbicides 255

14.1 Legislation Affecting Disinfectant Products in Europe: the Biocidal Products Directive and the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals Regulations 255Jennifer A. Hopkins

14.2 Regulatory Authorization of Hard Surface Disinfectants in Canada 262Andre G. Craan, Ian A. Chisholm and Shannon C. Wright

14.3 United States Regulation of Antimicrobial Pesticides 269Sally Hayes

15 Sterilization Processes 277

15.1 Heat Sterilization 277Charles O. Hancock

15.2 Radiation Sterilization 294Peter A. Lambert

15.3 Gaseous Sterilization 306Jean–Yves Dusseau, Patrick Duroselle and Jean Freney

15.4 Gas Plasma Sterilization 333Gerald McDonnell

15.5 Filtration Sterilization 343Susannah E. Walsh and Stephen P. Denyer

16 New and Emerging Technologies 371Peter A. Burke and Gerald McDonnell

17 Preservation of Medicines and Cosmetics 388Sarah J. Hiom

18 Sterility Assurance: Concepts, Methods and Problems 408Richard Bancroft

19 Special Problems in Hospital Environments 418

19.1 Hand Hygiene 418Benedetta Allegranzi and Didier Pittet

19.2 Decontamination of the Environment and Medical Equipment in Hospitals 445Adam P. Fraise

19.3 Decontamination of Endoscopes 459Michelle J. Alfa and Christina Bradley

19.4 Issues Associated with the Decontamination of Laundry and Clinical Waste 471Peter Hoffman

19.5 Treated Recreational Water Venues 478Darla M. Goeres, Philippe Hartemann and John V. Dadswell

20 Antimicrobial Surfaces and Devices 485

20.1 Antimicrobial Surfaces 485Gareth J. Williams

20.2 Antimicrobial Devices 500Brendan F. Gilmore and Sean P. Gorman

20.3 Antimicrobial Dressings 514Valerie Edwards–Jones

20.4 Antimicrobial Textiles and Testing Techniques 520Robert A. Monticello and Peter D. Askew

21 Other Health Sectors 530

21.1 Use of Microbicides in Disinfection of Contact Lenses 530Patrick J. McCormick, Susan E. Norton and James J. Kaiser

21.2 Special Issues in Dentistry 537Jonathan L.S. Caplin

22 Emerging Natural Technologies 550

22.1 Natural Products 550Rose Cooper

22.2 Applications of Bacteriophage Technology 565Geoffrey W. Hanlon

23 Control of Infectious Bioagents 576Les Baillie and Steven Theriault

Index 589

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Adam P. Fraise
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Syed Sattar
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