Medical Care of the Liver Transplant Patient. 4th Edition

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This book builds on the success of previous editions, once again providing hepatologists the most current clinical guide on how to best treat the liver transplant recipient. With an international mix of experienced contributors, this new edition highlights initial indication and selection of the potential recipient, management of the donor organ, post–operative complications in the patient through to acute recovery, long–term follow–up, and continued health. This provides the user a complete guide to the correct clinical management of both the recipient and the donor organ through all stages of transplantation.
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Contributors, ix

Preface, xv

Part 1 Management of the potential transplant recipient

1 Selection and evaluation of the recipient (including retransplantation), 3Audrey Coilly and Didier Samuel

2 Monitoring the patient awaiting liver transplantation, 13Andreas Geier and Beat Müllhaupt

3 Management of portal hypertension, 26Juan Carlos Garcia–Pagan, Juan G. Abraldes and Jaime Bosch

4 Management of renal disease in the liver transplant candidate, 39Andrés Cárdenas and Pere Ginès

5 Management of hepatopulmonary syndrome and portopulmonary hypertension, 51Victor I. Machicao and Michael B. Fallon

6 Psychiatric and substance abuse evaluation of the potential liver transplant recipient, 62Thomas P. Beresford

7 Organ allocation in liver transplantation: ethics, organ supply, and evidencebased practice, 75Nicole Siparsky, David Axelrod and Richard B. Freeman

8 Viral hepatitis and transplantation, 88Geoffrey W. McCaughan

9 Metabolic liver diseases, 97Maureen M.J. Guichelaar and Michael R. Charlton

10 Cholestatic and autoimmune liver disease, 110Ulrich Beuers

11 Hepatocellular carcinoma, 121Maria Reig, Alejandro Forner and Jordi Bruix

12 Cholangiocarcinoma, 133Howard C. Masuoka, Gregory J. Gores and Charles B. Rosen

13 Rare indications for liver transplantation, 145Stevan A. Gonzalez

14 Liver transplantation in HIV patients, 155Marion G. Peters and Peter G. Stock

15 Living–donor liver transplantation, 162Robert S. Brown Jr

16 Fulminant hepatic failure, 176Michael A. Heneghan and William Bernal

Part 2 Donor issues and management in the perioperative period

17 Extended–criteria donor, 191Ashraf Mohammad El–Badry and Mickael Lesurtel

18 Liver transplantation using donors after cardiac death, 201Paolo Muiesan, Laura Tariciotti and Chiara Rocha

19 Transmission of malignancies and infection through donor organs, 216Aaron M. Winnick and Lewis Teperman

20 The transplant operation, 229Philipp Dutkowski, Olivier de Rougemont and Pierre–Alain Clavien

21 Difficult surgical patients, 238Philipp Dutkowski, Stefan Breitenstein and Pierre–Alain Clavien

22 Domino and split–liver transplantation, 246Abhideep Chaudhary and Abhinav Humar

23 Surgical aspects of living–donor transplantation, 255Kelvin K.C. Ng and Sheung Tat Fan

24 Anesthesia, 266Beatrice Beck–Schimmer

25 Coagulation and blood transfusion management, 276Herman G.D. Hendriks, Ton Lisman and Robert J. Porte

26 Critical care of the liver transplant recipient, 286Markus Béchir, Erik Schadde and Philipp Dutkowski

27 Rejection and immunosuppression trends in liver transplantation, 297James F. Trotter

28 Vascular complications after liver transplantation, 311Goran Klintmalm and Srinath Chinnakotla

29 Biliary complications following liver transplantation, 319Sanna op den Dries, Robert C. Verdonk and Robert J. Porte

30 Role of histopathology, 332Achim Weber

Part 3 Chronic problems in the transplant recipient

31 Medical problems after liver transplantation, 347Eberhard L. Renner and Marco Puglia

32 Prevention and treatment of recurrent HBV and HCV infection, 361Ed Gane

33 Recurrence of the original disease, 372James Neuberger

34 Infections in the liver transplant recipient, 380Nicolas J. Mueller and Jay A. Fishman

35 Cutaneous diseases in liver transplant recipients, 389Sylvie Euvrard and Jean Kanitakis

36 Post–transplant lymphoproliferative disorder and other malignancies after liver transplantation, 398Natasha Chandok and Kymberly D.S. Watt

37 Sexual function and fertility after liver transplantation, 406Andreas Geier and Beat Müllhaupt

Part 4 Pediatric liver transplantation

38 Special considerations in pediatric liver transplantation, 419Brandy Ries Lu and Ronald J. Sokol

Multiple choice questions, 431

Answers, 446

Index, 451

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Pierre–Alain Clavien
James F. Trotter
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