Systems Biology. Current Topics from the Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine

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Systems biology is a relatively new biological study field that focuses on the systematic study of complex interactions in biological systems, thus using a new perspective (integration instead of reduction) to study them. Particularly from year 2000 onwards, the term is used widely in the biosciences, and in a variety of contexts. Systems biology is the study of the interconnected aspect of molecular, cellular, tissue, whole animal and ecological processes, and comprises mathematical and mechanistic studies of dynamical, mesoscopic, open, spatiotemporally defined, nonlinear, complex systems that are far from thermodynamic equilibrium.
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Preface and Commentary vii

List of Contributors ix

Part I Biological Basis of Systems Biology 1

1 Systems Biology 3Melanie Boerries, Roland Eils, and Hauke Busch

2 Developmental Cell Biology 33Frank John Dye

3 Principles and Applications of Embryogenomics 51Vincent VanBuren

4 Interactome 85Teresa M. Przytycka and Dong–Yeon Cho

5 Protein Abundance Variation 117Greco Hernandez and Gritta Tettweiler

Part II Systems Biology of Evolution 143

6 Genetic Variation and Molecular Darwinism 145Werner Arber

7 Systematics and Evolution 169Jeffrey H. Schwartz

8 Evolution of the Protein Repertoire 207Aaron David Goldman, Jeremy A. Horst, Ling–Hong Hung, and Ram Samudrala

Part III Modeling of Biological Systems 237

9 Chaos in Biochemistry and Physiology 239Miguel Antonio Aon, Sonia Cortassa, and David Lloyd

10 Computational Biology 277Thomas Lengauer, Mario Albrecht, and Francisco S. Domingues

11 Dynamics of Biomolecular Networks 349Emanuele Cozzo, Joaquin Sanz, and Yamir Moreno12 E–Cell: Computer Simulation of the Cell 379Pawan K. Dhar, Kouichi Takahashi, Yoichi Nakayama, and Masaru Tomita

13 Fractals in Biology and Medicine 397Gabriele Angelo Losa

14 Models of Cell Migration 423Michael Meyer–Hermann and Tilo Beyer

15 Protein Modeling 469Marian R. Zlomislic, Valentina Corradi, and D. Peter Tieleman

16 System Models for Inference on Mechanisms of Neuronal Dynamics 505Klaas E. Stephan and Karl J. Friston

17 Systems Biology of the Liver 539Ian David Lockhart Bogle, Rajiv Jalan, Elizabeth Shephard, Robert Seymour, Antony Finkelstein, Thomas Sumner, and Anne Warner

Part IV Systems Biology in Medicine and Disease 563

18 Inferring Networks for Diseases 565Mikael Benson and Michael A. Langston

19 Personalized Medicine (Predictive and Preventive) 593Alette M. Wessels, Robert R. Bies, and John Urquhart

Part V Systems Biology of Organisms 625

20 Microbiomes 627Ramana Madupu, Yu–Hui Rogers, Doug Rusch, Jason Miller, Konstantinos Krampis, and Karen E. Nelson

21 Synthetic Biology: Implications and Uses 653Sanjay Vashee, Mikkel A. Algire, Michael G. Montague, and Michele S. Garfinkel

22 Plant Systems Biology 685Sonia Osorio and Alisdair R. Fernie

Index 699

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