Vaccinology. An Essential Guide

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Vaccinology: An Essential Guide

Edited by Alan D.T. Barrett and Gregg N. Milligan

Vaccinology: An Essential Guide is a textbook for everyone studying vaccinology in different parts of the World, including in North America, Australasia and Europe. It provides the complete picture of the vaccine development process, from conceptualization and basic immunological principles through to clinical testing and licensed vaccines, with a complete introduction to the history and practice of vaccinology, presenting the basic science relating to the host immune response to pathogens.

Vaccinology: An Essential Guide covers the safety, regulatory, ethical, and economic issues that drive vaccine development and trials, placing these in global context. It discusses vaccine delivery strategies, novel vaccine platforms (including experimental vaccines and pathogens), antigen development and selection, and vaccine modelling, and includes the development of vaccines against emerging pathogens and agents of bioterror. There are also sections devoted to veterinary vaccines and associated regulatory processes.

Vaccinology: An Essential Guide is designed for undergraduate and graduate microbiologists and immunologists, and for residents, fellows and trainees of infectious disease. It is also suitable for all those involved in designing and conducting clinical vaccine trials, and is the ideal companion to the reference Vaccinology: Principles and Practice.

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Contributors vii

Preface ix

1 The history of vaccine development and the diseases vaccines prevent 1Martin G. Myers

2 The vaccine development pathway 33David W.C. Beasley

3 Control and eradication of human and animal diseases by vaccination 43Nigel Bourne and Gregg N. Milligan

4 Pathogenesis of infectious diseases and mechanisms of immunity 59Jere W. McBride and David H. Walker

5 The host immune response protective immunity and correlates of protection 73Gregg N. Milligan

6 Adjuvants: making vaccines immunogenic 93Gregg N. Milligan

7 Discovery and the basic science phase of vaccine development 109Gavin C. Bowick

8 Microbial–based and material–based vaccine delivery systems 127Alfredo G. Torres, Jai S. Rudra and Gregg N. Milligan

9 Licensed vaccines for humans 152Alan D.T. Barrett

10 Veterinary vaccines 181A. Paige Adams

11 Development of vaccines for microbial diseases 192Dennis W. Trent and David W.C. Beasley

12 The regulatory path to vaccine licensure 212Dennis W. Trent

13 Veterinary vaccines: regulations and impact on emerging infectious diseases 232A. Paige Adams

14 Vaccine manufacturing 243Dirk E. Teuwen and Alan D.T. Barrett

15 Clinical evaluation of vaccines 260Richard E. Rupp and Bridget E. Hawkins

16 Vaccine recommendations and special populations 273Richard E. Rupp and Bridget E. Hawkins

17 Vaccine safety 287Dirk E. Teuwen and Alan D.T. Barrett

18 Understanding and measuring the dynamics of infectious disease transmission 304Christine M. Arcari

19 Vaccines from a global perspective 319Alan D.T. Barrett and Bridget E. Hawkins

20 Political ethical social and psychological aspects of vaccinology 335Caroline M. Poland, Robert M. Jacobson, Douglas J. Opel, Edgar K. Marcuse and Gregory A. Poland

Index 358

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Gregg N. Milligan
Alan D. T. Barrett
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