Handbook of Strategic Account Management. A Comprehensive Resource

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Strategic account management (SAM) is a difficult, fascinating, highly topical and enduring field that has so far attracted the attention and interest of a limited number of academics, much less than it deserves.  It is a distinctive and important domain of business that needs to have a place in the mind of academics as substantial as the attention it attracts in companies. 

Some academics claim that key strategic account management (KSAM) is just part of relationship marketing, and while it owes a great deal to that stream of thinking, there is much that is different: lumping them together is very misleading. 

At the same time, sales research literature contributes some valuable ideas to KSAM, but that generally assumes a substantial quantity of unconnected customers and opportunities: it is quite the reverse in KSAM, where opportunities are far fewer, bigger, wide–reaching, linked to the past and the future, critical, and often demanding of significant change in the supplier s business. Also intrinsic to KSAM is its impact on the internal organisation and the rest of the company, to which neither relationship marketing nor sales research gives much consideration.

The Handbook of Strategic Account Management is a unique and comprehensive collection of the current body of knowledge in KSAM that gives the most up–to–date and complete review of established knowledge in the field, while separating genuine knowledge from opinion and myth.

The book will prove to be an invaluable resource for students, lecturers and researchers in strategic account management, as well as serious practitioners. 

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Acknowledgements vii

The editors ix

About this book xi

Key strategic account management: where are we now? 1Editors Woodburn and Wilson

Section 1: Strategic dimensions of KSAM 35

Making the case for managing strategic accounts 37Capon and Mihoc

Drivers for key account management programmes 53Brehmer and Rehme

KSAM as an organizational change: making the transition 77Woodburn

Switching costs in key account relationships 103Sengupta, Krapfel and Pusateri

The strategic buyer: how emerging procurement strategies may support KAM/SAM relationships 115Croom

Social and ethical concerns in strategic account management: emerging opportunities and new threats 141Piercy and Lane

Section 2: Value creation through KSAM 169

Value in strategic account management 171La Rocca and Snehota

Value dimensions and relationship postures in dyadic key relationship programmes 191Henneberg, Pardo, Mouzas and Naudé

Vertical coopetition : the key account perspective 205Lacoste

Key account management in business markets: an empirical test of common assumptions 227Ivens and Pardo

Strategic account plans: their crucial role in strategic account management 245McDonald and Woodburn

Using customer profitability and customer lifetime value to manage strategic accounts 267Lemmens and Vanderbiesen

Section 3: Developing KSAM programmes 287

A configurational approach to strategic account management effectiveness 289Homburg, Workman and Jensen

The appropriateness of the key account management organization 317Wengler

Organizational structures in global account management 337Yip and Bink

Strategic account management programmes: alignment of design elements and management practices 355Storbacka

Global customer team design: dimensions, determinants and performance outcomes 379Atanasova and Senn

Key accountization at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Italy: managing and implementing a strategic change 405Guenzi

Section 4: Operationalizing KSAM 419

Recent developments in relationship portfolios: a review of current knowledge 421Zolkiewski

Account portfolio management: optimizing the customer portfolio of the firm 441Gök

Strategic account management processes at corporate, relationship and annual level 461Ojasalo

Developing strategic key account relationships in business–to–business markets 495Wilson

The role of the key/strategic account manager 515Wilson and Holt

The influence of personality on the job performance of strategic account managers 539Mahlamäki, Uusitalo and Mikkola

References 555

Author profiles 605

Index 615

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Diana Woodburn researches, writes, teaches and consults in Key/Strategic Account Management. She started exploring the subject in 1997, and in 1998 she set up Cranfield s KAM Best Practice Club with Professor Malcolm McDonald, with whom she wrote Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide (3rd edition 2011). She has taught thousands of key account managers and directors about KSAM and developed much of the teaching material used in the subject. Her prior career in marketing covered a wide range of sectors and continents. 

Kevin Wilson is a Professor of Marketing at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux where he holds the Chair of Selling and Client Relationships. He is a researcher, writer and presenter of over twenty years standing in the field of strategic account management, a past board member of the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) and a founder of the Sales Research Trust. He has published over 70 academic and practitioner articles and two books on the subject, Harnessing Global Potential for SAMA (2000) and Successful Global Account Management Wiley, (2002).

Contributors: Yana Atanasova, Audrey Bink, Per–Olof Brehmer, Noel Capon, Simon Croom, Osman Gök, Paulo Guenzi, Stephen Henneburg, Sue Holt, Christian Homburg, Björn Ivens, Ove Jensen, Robert Krapfel, Antonella La Rocca, Sylvie Lacoste, Nikala Lane, Régis Lemmens, Tommi Mahlamaki, Malcolm McDonald, Florin Mihoc, Toni Mikkola, Stefanos Mouzas, Peter Naudç, Jukka Ojasalo, Catherine Pardo, Nigel Piercy, Michael Pusateri, Jakob Rehme, Sanjit Sengupta, Christoph Senn, Ivan Snehota, Kaj Storbacka, Olavi Uusitalo, Tom Vanderbiesen, Stefan Wengler, Kevin Wilson, Diana Woodburn, John Workman, George Yip, Judy Zolkwieski

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