Hydrometallurgy 2003 – Fifth International Conference in Honor of Professor Ian Ritchie, Volume 1. Leaching and Solution Purification

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Sponsored by The Extraction and Processing Division (EPD) of TMS, The Mineral and Metallurgical Processing Division (MPD) of SME, Metallurgical Society (MetSoc) of CIM 2003 TMS/EPD Fall Meeting held in conjunction with 33rd Annual Hydrometallurgy Meeting and 2003 Conference of Metallurgists Vancouver BC Canada August 24–27,2003.
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Foreword v

Ian M.Ritchie–A Biography vii

Session Chairs and Co–Chairs xi

Honorary Plenary

Is Extractive Metallurgy Becoming Extinct? 3I.M. Ritchie


Cyanide & Alternatives

Optimizing Cyanidation Parameters for Processing of Blended Fort Knox and True North Ores at tht Fort Knox Mine 21J. Hollow, G. DeschSnes, H. Guo, M. Fulton and E. Hill

Effect of Carbonaceous Coatings on Preg–Robbing of Chalcopyrite 35H. Tan, D. Feng and J.S.J. van Deventer

Surface–Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Gold Dissolution in Cyanide: System Purity Effects 49K. Watling, G.A. Hope and R. Woods

The Link Between Gravity Recovery and Hydrometallurgy: The Case of Gold 65A.R. Laplante and W. Staunton

Alkaline Sulfide Recovery of Gold Utilizing Nitrogen Species Catalyzed Pressure Leaching 75C.G. Anderson

Chloride as an Alternative to Cyanide for the Extractino of Gold – Going Full Circle? 89C.J. Ferron, C.A. Fleming, D. Dreisinger and T.O′Kane

Using Thiocyanate as Lixiviant for Gold Recovery in Acidic Environment 105R.Y. Wan, J.A. Brierley, S. Acar and K.M. LeVier

A Comparison of Cyanide and Thiosulfate Leaching for the Recovery of Gold from a Copper Containing Ore 123X. Dai, C.K. Chu, M. Jeffrey and P. Breuer


A Review of the Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Kinetics of the Gold Thiosulfate Leaching Process 139P.L. Breuer and M.I. Jeffrey

Thermodynamic Studies of the Gold(m)/(I)/(0) Redox System in Ammonia–Thiosulfate Solutions at 25°C 155G. Senanayake, W.N. Perera and M.J. Nicol

Can a Thiosulfate Leaching Process Be Developed Which Does Not Require Copper and Ammonia? 169I. Chandra and M. Jeffrey

Towards an Understanding of Copper(I) Speciation and Reactivity in the Copper–Ammonia–Thiosulfate Lixiviant System 183J. Black L. Spiccia andD.C. McPhail

The Importance of the Cu(II) Catalyst in the Thiosulfate Leaching of Gold 195A.E. Lam and D.B. Dreisinger

Alternative Copper(n) Catalysts for Gold Leaching: Use of Multidentate Ligands to Control Thiosulfate Oxidation 213T. Brown, A. Fischmann, L. Spiccia and D.C. McPhail

A Novel Thiosulfate System for Leaching Gold Without the Use of Copper and Ammonia 227I. Ji, C. Fleming, P.G. West–Sells andR.P. Hackl

A Process for Counteracting the Detrimental Effect of Tetrathionate on Resin Gold Adsorption from Thiosulfate Leachates 245P.G. West–Sells, J. JiandR.P. Hackl

Heap Leaching

Ammonium Thiosulfate Heap Leaching 259P.Bhakta

Measurement and Application of Biooxidation Kinetics for Heaps 269P.Bhakta

Mathematical Modeling of Pyritic Refractory Gold Ore Heap Biooxidation: Model Development and Isothermal Column Simulations 275S.C. BouffardandD.G. Dixon

Heap Leach Modeling – The Current State of the Art 289D.G. Dixon

A Comprehensive Copper Stockpile Leach Model: Background and Model Formulation 315C.R. Bennett, M. Cross, T.N. Croft,, J.L. Uhrie, C.R. Green andJ.E. Gebhardt

Ore Geotechnical Effects on Copper Heap Leach Kinetics 329G. Miller

Process Improvements at Mantoverde Heapleach–SX–EW Plant 343L. Trincado, U. Troncoso, C. Vargas, C. Bunger, and G. Zdrate

The Dynamics of Chalcocite Heap Bioleaching 351J. Petersen and D.G. Dixon

The Life Cycle of of Chalcocite Heap Bioleach System 365D. Readett, L. Sylwestrzak, P.D. Franzmann, J.J. Plumb, W.R. Robertson, J.A.E. Gibson and H. Watling


Selective Bacterial Leaching of Cobalt and Nickel from Chalcopyrite Concentrate 377R.P. Hackl and R.J. Vos

Single Step Separation and Recovery of Palladium Using Nitrogen Species Catalyzed Pressure Leaching and Silica Polyamine Composites 393C. Anderson, E. Rosenberg, Y. Cao, L. Ratz and C. Hart

The Mechanism of the Dissolution and Passivation of Chalcopyrite: An Electrochemical Study 405I. Lazaro and M.J. Nicol

The Sonochemical Leaching of Chalcopyrite 419N. Abed andD. Dreisinger

Leaching Chalcopyrite in Ammoniacal Solutions Sparged with a SO2/O2 Gas Mixture 431M.M. Bertini and P.F. Duby

Raman Investigation of Sulfide Leaching 447G. Parker, R. Woods and G. Hope

Fluosilic Acid Leaching of Galena 461P.R. Taylor, Y. Choi and E.E. Vidal

Use of Alternating Current for Leaching of Intermediate Products from Copper and Nickel Production 475A. V. Tarasov, V.M. Paretsky and V.A. Bryukvin

The Reductive Leaching of Magnanese Dioxide: Reaction Kinetic Models and Mechanisms 485G. Senanayake


Atmospheric Chloride Leaching: The Way Forward for Nickel Laterites 501B. Harris and J. Magee

Chloride Processing of Metal Sulphides: Review of Fundamentals and Applications 517G. Senanayake and D.M. Muir

Minimizing Fuel Costs During Thermal Regeneration of the Hydrochloric Acid Lixiviant 533K. Adham and C. Lee

Solution Purification in the Outokumpu Hydrocopper Process 545M. Hamalainen, O. HyvUrinen and M. Jyrdla

Direct Hydrochloric Acid Leaching of an Egyptian nmenite Ore for Production of Synthetic Rutile 555L.A. Ibrahim, M.H.H. Mahmoud, A.A.I. Afifi, and B.A. El–Sayed

New Developments in the Altair Hydrochloride Ti02 Pigment Process 565D. Verhulst, B. Sabacky, T. Spider andJ. Prochazka

Electrochemical Mechanism Study of Manganese Dioxide Dissolution in Acidic Chloride Solution in Presence of Ferrous/Ferric Ions 577G. Xueyi, H. Kai, L. Qihou, Z. Duomo and Q. Dingfan

Pressure & Autoclave

The Effect of Chloride Ions on the Oxidation of Pyrite Under Pressure Oxidation Conditions 591M.J. NicolandJ.Q. Liu

The Use of Ortho–Phenylene–Diamine (OPD) as a Surfactant in the Pressure Oxidation of Pyritic Gold Ores and Concentrates 603D. Dreisinger, Z. Zheng and N.J. Hannigan

Use of Hydrometallurgy in Direct Processing of Base Metal/PGM Concentrates 617J. Milbourne, M. Tomlinson and L. Gormely

Development and Implementation of a Novel Pressure Leach Process for the Recovery of Cobalt and Copper at Chambisbi, Zambia 631E. Munnik, H. Singh, T. Uys, M. Bellino, B. Harris, K. FraserandJ. du Plessis

PH Measurement in High–Temperature Hydrometallurgical Systems 645V.G. Papangelakis, D.S. Seneviratne, Z. Jankovic, X. Y. Zhou and S.N. Lvov

Design of Horizontal Autoclaves – A Pilot Plant Evaluation of Solids Suspension, Blending and Residence Time Distribution 657P. Forschner, D. Houlton, R. Klepper and V. Kassera

CFD in Autoclave Circuit Design 671L. Oshinowo, L. Gunnewiek and K. Fraser

Autoclave Technology and New Reagents for Integrated Treatment of Russian Polymetallic Concentrates 687A.V. Tarasov and E.M. Timoshenko

Solution Purification

Adsorption & Ion Exchange

The Effect of Pore Size Distribution on Gold Adsorption by Magnetic Activated Carbons 701G.A. Munoz, S. Duyvesteyn and J.D. Miller

Potential of Magnetic Adsorption/Filtration for Hydrometallurgical Wastewater Treatment 711J.D. Navratil

Application of Ion Exchange Polymers in Copper Cyanide and Acid Mine Drainage 717W.H. Jay

Commercial Separations in the Copper Industry Using Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT) 729R.L. Bruening, IB. Dale, N.E. Izatt andS.R. Izatt

Dynamic Modeling for Design of Ion Exchange Systems 741K. Nikkhah

The Effect of Plating Additives on the Recovery of Copper from Dilute Aqueous Solutions Using the Chelating Resin Dowex M4195 753W. Ewing, J.W. Evans and F.M. Doyle

Solvent Extraction

Solvent Extraction of Halides from Metallurgical Solutions 765C.R.S. Mason, B. Grinbaum, J.R. Harlamovs andD.B. Dreisinger

Piloting of the Halogon Process with Mixer–Settlers and Bateman Pulsed Columns 777J.M. Kuhn, C.R.S. Mason, J.R. Harlamovs, M. W. Bell and E.M. Buchalter

Synergistic Solvent Extraction and Its Potential Application to Nickel and Cobalt Recovery 787C.Y. Cheng, M. UrbaniandM. Houchin

Flexibility Trends in Copper Solvent Extraction 801H. Hein

Heat Balances in Copper SX/EW Operations 821D.J. Burkhardt

Extraction of Nickel and Calcium from Hypersaline Solutions Using Versatic 10 829D. Helm, E. Paatero and D. Ibana

Application of Solvent Extraction for the Separation of Molybdenum from Nano–Crystalline Cobalt Electrodisposition Effluents 843M. Oliazadeh, R.T. Wu, J.W. Huang and A.M. Alfantazi

Recovery of Phosphoric Acid in Waste Acid Mixtures Discharged from the Liquid Crystal Industry by Solvent Extraction 853J. Shibata, M. Morikawa, N. Yoshikawa, N. Murayama and H. Yamamoto

Phosphoric Acid Extraction from an Uranium–Phosphorous Liquor 861J.S. Benedetto and C.A. Morals

Indium Recovery from Sulfuric Solutions: A Comparative Study Involving Acidic Organophosphorus Extractants 869P.M. Rosario, P.J. Martins andA.P. Paiva

Gold Solvent Extraction from Alkaline Cyanide Solutions, Using LK 79 Extractant 881J.L. Valenzuela, S. Aguayo, J.R. Parga and R.G. Lewis

Preparation of Ultrafine Silver Particles by Solvent Extraction Techniques 891M.G. Sanchez–Loredo, M.M. Gonzalez–Chavez andj. Ldpez–Martiniz

Equilibrium Modifiers in Copper Solvent Extraction Reagents – Friend or Foe? 90SG. Kordosky andM. Virnig

Third Phase Formation in TBP Solvent Extraction Systems as a Result of Interaction Between Reverse Micelles 917R. Chiarizia, P. Thiyagarajan, M.P. Jensen, M. Borkowski andK.C. Littrell

Room–Temperature Ionic Liquids as Diluents for the Liquid–Liquid Extraction of Metal Ions: Promise and Limitations 929M.L. Dietz, M.P. Jensen, J.V. Beitz and JA. Dzielawa

Development of Extractants to Transport Metal Salts in Base Metal Recovery Processes 941S.G. Galbraith, D.K.Henderson, HA. Miller, P.G. Plieger, PA. Tasker, K.J. Smith and LC. West

Application of Competitive Complexation/Solvation Theory in Metals Solvent Extraction: New Opportunities in Process Development 955V. Kislik

Solvent Extraction System Modeling Using the Program SXFIT 969L.H. Delmau, C.F. Baes, DA. Bostick, T.J. Haverlock and BA. Moyer

Mass Transfer Rates for Up–Pumping Impeller Systems 983D. Adams, M. Preston, M. Giralico and B. Gigas

On–Line Analysis in Nickel and Copper Solvent Extraction 989D. Hughes, M. Kongas and E. Rauma

Biological Degradation of Solvent Extraction Circuit Plant Organic 1003N. Callao I., G.E. Jenneman, K. Sublette, M.D. Bishop, S.K. Young andA.G. Morrison

FRP as a Material of Construction for Solvent Extraction Equipment 1023D. Goodman, R. Aaslepp and R. Moubarac

Scale–Up of Pumpers & Mixers for Solvent Extraction 1037T.A. Post

Advanced Mixer Settler Designs mat Will Optimize Tomorrow′s Large Flow Production Requirements 1053M. Giralico, B. Gigas and M. Preston

Author Index 1067

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