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Fractal and Trans-scale Nature of Entropy

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Fractal and Trans-scale Nature of Entropy: Towards a Geometrization of Thermodynamics develops a new vision for entropy in thermodynamics by proposing a new method to geometrize. It investigates how this approach can accommodate a large number of very different physical systems, going from combustion and turbulence towards cosmology. As an example, a simple interpretation of the Hawking entropy in black-hole physics is provided. In the life sciences, entropy appears as the driving element for the organization of systems. This book demonstrates this fact using simple pedagogical tools, thus showing that entropy cannot be interpreted as a basic measure of disorder.

  • Presents the strong link between geometry and thermodynamics
  • Offers an original understanding of entropy
  • Explains how to visualize phenomena where thermodynamics and entropy are important in the optimization of thermal machines
  • Explores entropy in thermodynamics through fractal geometry and trans-scale geometries
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1. Introduction: a brief history of entropy
2. Finite-time and -dimension thermodynamics: the constraints of finiteness
3. Describing entropy by trans-scale geometries
4. Trans-scale thermodynamics for turbulence
5. Trans-scale thermodynamics in energetics
6. Entropy and fractals in cosmology
7. Trans-scale space, ecosystems and life dynamics: an "entropy-driven” Nature
8. Entropy and fractals for medicine and human cognition
9. Entropy and fractals for cities and urban dynamics
10. Conclusion: the new territories of entropy
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Queiros Conde, Diogo
Diogo Queiros-Condé is a professor at University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense since 2009. Before he was a research professor at ENSTA ParisTech from 2005 to 2009. He has a PhD in Physic and Science (1995)..
Feidt, Michel
Michel Feidt is Professor in the Department of Physics and Mechanics at the University of Lorraine, France.
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