Pharma and Healthcare Market Overview in Romania 2018

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Overview of the Pharma and Healthcare Market in Romania in 2017 and Q1 of 2018


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This research analyses and describes the key areas of pharma and healthcare sector in Romania: regulatory environment, health system in Romania, pharmaceutical products market size and structure, production, foreign trade, healthcare services, health tourism, insurance, conclusions and recommendations.

The report provides historic and present cross-checked data on:

  • Market size & structure, sales, production and foreign trade;
  • Competitive landscape, major players, profiles;
  • Investments and acquisitions;
  • Trends and new opportunities;
  • Legal framework;
  • Healthcare services market;
  • Other relevant data.

Report Benefits:

  • EXHAUSTIVE APPROACH targeting all major segments of pharmaceutical and healthcare sector;
  • Understand the EVOLUTION & TRENDS and GROWTH POTENTIAL of each major business segment within the sector;
  • Identify the MOST RELEVANT MARKET DATA AND ANALYTICS (market size & structure, sales, foreign trade) in a well-structured manner, cross-checked data, comments etc. allowing for an quick in-depth understanding of the sector;
  • Identify MAJOR MARKET PLAYERS in pharmaceutical and healthcare system in Romania.

Select Report Findings:

  • Development of the public healthcare system in Romania has mostly stagnated as cumulated capacity in public hospitals has remained mostly constant since year 2011, while number of medics within the public healthcare system has decreased significantly during years 2010-2016;
  • The pharmaceutical products market in Romania has been on a continued ascending trend for the past few years, with an increase in consumption. By far, the highest share in the market is represented by medicaments containing alkaloids or derivatives;
  • In terms of value of sales by classes of medication, the highest shares were reached by anti-infective medication, digestive tract medication, cardiovascular system medication, oncology medication and central nervous system medication;
  • Imports of pharmaceuticals represent a major part of consumption on the local market.

Target Audience:

  • Companies involved or planning investments in pharma and healthcare sectors;
  • Suppliers within pharma and healthcare sector;
  • Retail companies;
  • Consulting and research companies;
  • Banking sector;
  • National/international public bodies/authorities;
  • Others.
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  • Introduction

1. Brief Overview of the Pharma Market in Romania
1.1. Country Profile
1.2. Macroeconomic Overview of Romania
1.3. Regulatory Environment of the Pharma Market in Romania
1.4. Overview of the Health System in Romania

2. Pharmaceutical Products Market in Romania
2.1. Romanian Pharma Market Size and Structure
2.2. Sales on the Romanian Pharma Market
2.3. Production of Pharma Products in Romania
2.4. Competitive Landscape of the Romanian Pharma Market
2.5. Investments and Acquisitions in the Romanian Pharma Market
2.6. Short Profiles of Companies Active on the Romanian Pharma Market
2.7. Foreign Trade on the Romanian Pharma Market

  • Import
  • Export
  • Foreign Trade by Country

3. Healthcare Services Market in Romania
3.1. Healthcare Services Market Overview in Romania
3.2. Health Tourism in Romania
3.3. Health Insurance in Romania

4. Conclusions and Recommendations

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