Handbook of in Vivo Neural Plasticity Techniques, Vol 28. Handbook of Behavioral Neuroscience

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Handbook of in Vivo Neural Plasticity Techniques, Volume 28: A Systems Neuroscience Approach to the Neural Basis of Memory and Cognition gives a comprehensive overview of the current methods and approaches that are used to study neural plasticity from a systems neuroscience perspective. In addition, the book offers in-depth methodological advice that provides the necessary foundation for researchers establishing methods and students who need to understand the theoretical and methodological bases of these approaches. This is the ideal resource for anyone new to the study of cognitive and behavioral neuroscience who seeks an introduction to state-of-the-art techniques.

  • Offers a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art approaches to studying neuroplasticity in vivo
  • Combines discussions of theoretical underpinnings with the methodological and technical aspects necessary to guarantee success
  • Arranged in a uniform format that clearly and concisely lays out descriptions, methods and the pitfalls of various techniques
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1. General Introduction
Denise Manahan-Vaughn, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

The Rodent Hippocampus: Electrophysiological Approaches 2. Single-Unit Recordings in Rodents: Place Cells 3. Single Cell Recordings in Conjunction with Confocal Microscopy in Awake Rodents 4. Single Cell Recordings in Conjunction with Behavioral Analysis in Awake Rodents 5. Neuronal Oscillations in vivo (Spike Sorting and Multisite Recordings) 6. Recording Field Potentials and Synaptic Plasticity from Freely Behaving Rodents 7. Behaviorally Modulated LTP and LTD in vivo 8. Heterosynaptic Plasticity 9. Electrophysiology along the Ventral Hippocampal Axis 10. EEG Telemetry in Rodents

Cortical and Subcortical Structures: Electrophysiological Approaches 11. Single-Unit Recordings in Rodents: Grid Cells 12. Single-Unit Recordings in Rodents: Head Direction Cells 13. Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging in vivo 14. Optogenetic Manipulations in Conjunction with Electrophysiology 15. Sleep Electrophysiology in Rodents 16. Barrel Cortex 17. The Visual System (Cats) 18. The Visual System (Rodents)

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