Enzymes in Synthetic Biology, Vol 608. Methods in Enzymology

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Volume 608 of the series Methods in Enzymology covers key aspects of enzyme discovery, engineering tools and platforms, and examples of applications in the enzymology of synthetic biology.

  • Detailed methods for laboratory use of enzymes in synthetic biology applications
  • Informative case history examples illustrating how enzyme and metabolic engineering are used to generate new products
  • Emphasises latest developments in laboratory automation for the engineering of biology
  • Covers many aspects of the design, build, test, learn cycle used in synthetic biology

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Section I: Enzyme Discovery

- Enzyme Discovery: Enzyme Selection and Pathway Design

P. Carbonell, Mathilde Koch, Thomas Duigou and J.L. Faulon

Section II: Enzyme Engineering Tools and Platforms

- Cell-Free Synthetic Biology for Pathway Prototyping

Ashty S. Karim and Michael C. Jewett

- Fast and Flexible Synthesis of Combinatorial Libraries for Directed Evolution

Joanna C. Sadler, Lucy Green, Neil Swainston, Douglas B. Kell and Andrew Currin

Section III: Enzyme Families: Parts and Platforms for Chemical Diversity

- Sesquiterpene Synthase Catalyzed Conversion of a Farnesyl Diphosphate Analogue to a Non-natural Terpenoid Ether

Florence Huynh David J. Miller and Rudolf K. Allemann

- In Vivo Platforms for Terpenoid Overproduction and the Generation of Chemical Diversity

Guangkai Bian, Tian Ma and Tiangang Liu

- Imine Reductases, Reductive Aminases, and Amine Oxidases for the Synthesis of Chiral Amines: Discovery, Characterization, and Synthetic Applications

S.C. Cosgrove, A. Brzezniak, S.P. France, J.I. Ramsden, J. Mangas-Sanchez, S.L. Montgomery, R.S. Heath and N.J. Turner

- Experimental Protocols for Generating Focused Mutant Libraries and Screening for Thermostable Proteins

M.J.L.J. Fürst, C. Martin, N. Loncar and M.W. Fraaije

- Characterization of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and their Applications in Synthetic Biology

L. N. Jeffreys, H. M. Girvan, K. J. McLean and A. W. Munro

Section IV: Genome Engineering for Enzyme Pathways

- Metabolic Engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using a Trifunctional CRISPR/Cas System for Simultaneous Gene Activation, Interference, and Deletion

Carl Schultz, Jiazhang Lian and Huimin Zhao

- YeastFab: High Throughput Genetic Parts Construction, Measurement and Pathway Engineering in Yeast

Eva Garcia-Ruiz, Jamie Auxillos, Tianyi Li, Junbiao Dai and Yizhi Cai

Section V: Bioengineered Strains with Designed Enzyme Pathways

- Halomonas and Pathway Engineering for Bioplastics Production

Jiang Xiao-Ran, Yin Jin, Chen Xiangbin and Chen Guo-Qiang

- An Engineering Approach for Rewiring Microbial Metabolism

Sebastian Wenk, Oren Yishai, Steffen N. Lindner and Arren Bar-Even

- Multifragment DNA Assembly of Biochemical Pathways via Automated Ligase Cycling Reaction

C.J. Robinson, M.S. Dunstan, N. Swainston, J. Titchmarsh, E. Takano, N.S. Scrutton and A.J. Jervis

- Commodity Chemicals From Engineered Multimodular Type I Polyketide Synthases

Satoshi Yuzawa, Amin Zargar, Bo Pang, Leonard Katz and Jay D. Keasling

- Modular Pathway Rewiring of Yeast for Amino Acid Production

Quanli Liu, Tao Yu, Kate Campbell, Jens Nielsen and Yun Chen
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