Measurements, Mechanisms, and Models of Heat Transport in Condensed Matter and Planetary Interiors

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Measurements, Mechanisms, and Models of Heat Transport in Condensed Matter offers an interdisciplinary approach to the composition, dynamics and thermal evolution of planetary interiors. Using a combination of fundamentals, new developments in the research, and scientific and mathematical principles, this timely reference summarizes the state-of-the-art application of heat transport to geophysics. Covering both microscopic and macroscopic phenomena of heat transport, the book offers both the fundamental knowledge and up-to-date measurements and models to encourage further improvements and lead to a better understanding of the interior, formation and evolution of planetary bodies.

  • Provides an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of the thermal evolution of large planetary bodies, including contributed chapters from leading experts
  • Combines state-of-the-art measurements and solutions with core principles to lead to a better understanding of Earth's interior, formation and evolution
  • Organized in two parts, focusing first on microscopic aspects of heat transport and the physical principles underlying it, and then covering macroscopic phenomena as they pertain to deciphering the thermal structure of planetary bodies
  • Includes access to a companion website with updated and recent data, and in-text boxes that highlight future questions to ponder
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PART I. Understanding heat transport on microscopic and laboratory scales 1. The macroscopic picture of heat retained and heat emitted: Thermodynamics and its historical development 2. Macroscopic Analysis of the Flow of Energy into and through Matter from Spectroscopic Measurements and Electromagnetic Theory 3. The Macroscopic Picture of Diffusive Heat Flow at Low Energy 4. Methods used to Determine Heat Transport and Related Properties, with Comparisons 5. The Microscopic Basis I: Reconciling the Kinetic Theory of Gas with Gas Transport Data 6. Transport Behavior of Common, Pourable Liquids: Evidence for Mechanisms other than Collisions 7. Thermal diffusivity data on non-metallic crystalline solids from Laser Flash Analysis 8. A Macroscopic Model of Blackbody Emissions with Implications 9. Thermal diffusivity data on metals, alloys and their melts from Laser Flash Analysis 10. Heat and mass transfer in glassy and molten silicates 11. The Microscopic Picture of Heat Flow II: Condensed Matter

Part II. Understanding heat transport on large scales: Applications to Interiors of Solid Planets with a focus on the Earth 12. How planets differ from the laboratory and what is known about their interiors 13. Cooling mechanisms in planets 14. Models for internal heating: radioactive, gravitational, and primordial sources 15. Conductive cooling models 16. Thermal structure and Evolution of the Earth 17. Other large bodies 18. Conclusions and Future Work Appendix 1. Conventions, abbreviations, and variables used 2. Guide to an electronic deposit of thermal diffusivity data 3. Summary of literature on heat capacity and density/thermal expansivity

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Hofmeister, Anne M.
Anne M. Hofmeister is Research Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. She received her PhD in Geology from California Institute of Technology and has received several fellowships and awards. She has served as Editor of American Mineralogist and was recently the Keynote speaker at the European Conference on Mineral Spectroscopy. Her research interests include heat transport, thermodynamics, interaction of light with matter, and the applications of those fields to Planetary Sciences, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, and Materials Science. She has authored over 100 journal articles, including conference proceedings.
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