Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing. Edition No. 4

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Written by an internationally-recognized team of natural gas industry experts, the fourth edition of Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing is a unique, well-researched, and comprehensive work on the design and operation aspects of natural gas transmission and processing. Six new chapters have been added to include detailed discussion of the thermodynamic and energy efficiency of relevant processes, and recent developments in treating super-rich gas, high CO2 content gas, and high nitrogen content gas with other contaminants. The new material describes technologies for processing today's unconventional gases, providing a fresh approach in solving today's gas processing challenges including greenhouse gas emissions. The updated edition is an excellent platform for gas processors and educators to understand the basic principles and innovative designs necessary to meet today's environmental and sustainability requirement while delivering acceptable project economics.

  • Covers all technical and operational aspects of natural gas transmission and processing.
  • Provides pivotal updates on the latest technologies, applications, and solutions.
  • Helps to understand today's natural gas resources, and the best gas processing technologies.
  • Offers design optimization and advice on the design and operation of gas plants.
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1. Natural Gas Fundamentals 2. Phase Behavior of Natural Gas Systems 3. Multiphase Natural Gas Transmission 4. Basic Concepts of Natural Gas Processing 5. Phase Separation 6. Condensate Production 7. Natural Gas Treating 8. Acid Gas Handling 9. Natural Gas Dehydration and Mercaptans Removal 10. Mercury Removal 11. Natural Gas Liquids Recovery 12. Nitrogen Rejection and Helium Recovery 13. Unconventional Gas Processing 14. Natural Gas Compression 15. Natural Gas Measurement 16. Sales Gas Transmission 17. Outside Battery Limit Systems in Gas Processing Plants 18. Gas Processing Plant Automation 19. Gas Plant Operations 20. Process Modeling and Simulation of Gas Processing Plants 21. Real-Time Optimization of Gas Processing Plants 22. Energy and Exergy Analyses of Gas Processing Plants 23. Maximizing Profitability of Gas Plant Assets 24. Gas Plant Project Management

Appendix 1. Conversion Factors 2. Standard Gas Conditions 3. Physical Properties of Fluids

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Mokhatab, Saeid
Saeid Mokhatab is one of the most recognizable names in the natural gas community through his contributions to advancing the technologies in the natural gas processing industry. He has been actively involved in different aspects of several large-scale gas processing projects, from conceptual design through plant startup and operations support. He has presented on gas processing technologies worldwide and has authored or co-authored 300 technical papers and two renowned Elsevier's handbooks in collaboration with leading experts from the largest international engineering companies and prominent process licensors. His numerous publications, which are widely read and highly respected, have set the technical standards in the natural gas processing industry and are considered by many as major references to be used for any gas processing/LNG project in development. He founded the world's first peer-reviewed journal devoted to natural gas science and engineering (published by Elsevier, the United States) and he has held editorial positions for many scientific journals/book publishing companies in the hydrocarbon processing industry. He has also served as a member of technical committees for many professional societies and acclaimed gas processing conferences worldwide. As a result of his outstanding work in the natural gas industry, he has received a number of international awards and medals, and his biography has been listed in highly prestigious directories.
Poe, William A.
William A. "Bill” Poe is a Senior Principal Technical Consultant at Schneider Electric Software LLC, USA. He has over 35 years of international business and industrial experience in design, operations and project management of gas processing plants with a special focus on automation, multivariable predictive control (MPC), advanced process control (APC), optimization design and implementation, and real-time performance monitoring. Bill started his career at Shell Oil Company, USA, in 1981, working over a decade in natural gas processing plants operations and engineering as well as management of multimillion-dollar projects. In 1993, he joined Continental Controls to lead the process engineering department in support of executing contracts with the Gas Research Institute, USA, where he developed new multivariable control applications in the natural gas industry. After joining GE as part of the Continental Controls acquisition, he became vice president of this division of GE where his responsibilities included direction of product development, projects, technical sales support, and customer service for multivariable control and optimization applications in the natural gas industry. In 2001, Bill joined Invensys Process Systems, USA, where he has developed APC and Optimization Master Plans for international companies such as Saudi Aramco, ADNOC, Statoil, and PDVSA, as well as automation and advanced process control feasibility studies for over 100 natural gas processing plants worldwide. Schneider Electric acquired Invensys Process Systems in 2014 where he has continued to work with the top gas processing companies. Bill is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, has authored or co-authored more than 60 technical papers, and made numerous technical presentations at prestigious international conferences. He received the GE Innovators Award in 1999 and attained the Invensys Circle of Excellence in 2011.
Mak, John Y.
John Y. Mak is a Senior Fellow and Technical Director at Fluor, the United States, and leads the technology and design development for Fluor chemical and energy division. He is the technical expert and SME with Fluor for over 40 years and has been leading major oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery projects from conceptual designs, feasibility studies, FEED development, detailed engineering, to plant start-up and performance testing. John has made contributions to innovations in natural gas processing and treating, NGL recoveries, LNG liquefaction and regasification, synthesis gas purification, and carbon capture methods. John is the co-author of the Handbook of Liquefied Natural Gas, first edition (2013) published by Elsevier, the United States. He has presented over 80 technical papers, and frequently presented his findings at technical conferences such as US GPA (Gas Processors Association), GPA Europe, LRGCC (Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference), LNG Summit, OTC, GASTECH, and China Coal Forum. John is the inventor of over 90 patents and patent pending processes. John is specializing in liquid recoveries, turbo expander plants, for conventional and unconventional gases, removal of high CO2 gases using physical solvents, acid gas removal with amines, cryogenic nitrogen rejection and helium recovery.
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