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Covers Every Aspect of the Industry and Includes 12,000 Executive Contacts

The iGaming Business Directory, available in book and online format, is the world's most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date guide to the people, websites, portals, affiliate programs and other industry businesses that are major components of the online gaming industry's explosive growth.

The iGaming Business Directory covers every aspect of the industry and includes 12,000 executive contacts in the print edition and more than 15,000 online.


  • Profiles and contact information for more than 3,500 iGaming sites and 1,300 site owners including casinos, poker rooms, sports books, bingo and backgammon sites, games, lotteries, and financial market sites.
  • Top Internet gaming sites by gaming type, ranked in order of popularity.
  • iGaming software providers, affiliate programs, regulatory jurisdictions, products and services, and industry suppliers.
  • Directory of more than 2,000 iGaming portal sites with popularity rankings and owner cross-reference.
  • More than 700 payment methods, 500 payment processors and 100+ accepted currencies and the sites that accept them
  • iGaming analysts, attorneys, trade shows and trade publications

The Directory will help you:

  • Understand the landscape and identify your competitors in the iGaming industry.
  • Identify affiliate portal sites or affiliate programs for possible affiliate relationships.
  • Reach the right contacts to market and sell your products to the Internet gaming industry.
  • Find a vendor who offers a gaming product or service you need.

More Details

The Directory of iGaming sites includes casinos, poker rooms, sports books, bingo halls and betting sites, backgammon sites, skill games, lotteries, and forex sites with site name, URL, gaming activities, phone, fax, e-mail addresses, software developer, licensing jurisdiction, currencies, languages, deposit methods, and web traffic ranks. Listings of the top iGaming sites are provided for each gaming type ranked in order of popularity.

Profiles for more than 3,500 online gaming sites are included with casino, poker, sports betting, bingo, lottery, skill game and financial market sites plus ranked lists of top sites by game.

More than 1,300 owner and operator profiles are included with associated gaming sites, thousands of owner executive contacts and a ranked list of owners based on traffic to their sites.

750 game and platform software provider profiles are provided with the sites using the software, executive contacts, and software provider rankings based on the popularity of sites using their software.

700 payment methods are provided along with profiles and executive contacts at 500 payment processors. 100+ accepted currencies and the sites that accept them are also included.

Coverage of 200 online gaming jurisdictions are included with background information, regulatory agency and contact information, and sites operated from or regulated by the jurisdiction.

A directory of 1,200 affiliate programs is provided with sites represented, affiliate managers, and other program details.

A directory of 2,000 portal sites is included with game verticals, traffic rank, language, geographic focus, and owner. (More than 9,000 additional affiliate site profiles are also included in the online version.)

A directory is provided of 1,400 suppliers to the online gaming industry ranging from attorneys to back office support and marketing to turnkey solution providers.

Additional sections include information on:

  • Trade associations
  • Trade shows

Online Subscription Features:

  • An easy-to-use interface with data for executive contacts, online gaming sites, site owners, game providers, industry suppliers, regulatory jurisdictions, affiliate programs and affiliate sites.
  • Additional information not included in the print version. For example, 9,000 web portal sites are included online along with 10,000 online slot games and additional attributes of online gaming sites. Also included are the complete contents of prior editions of the directory in electronic format plus more than 1,500 annual reports of online gaming businesses.
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1. Preface

2. Online Gaming Sites

  • Top Ranked Gaming Sites
  • Gaming Sites Index
  • Casino Industry Overview
  • Top Ranked Casino Sites
  • Casino Sites
  • Poker Industry Overview
  • Top Ranked Poker Sites
  • Poker Networks
  • Poker Sites
  • Sports Betting Industry Overview
  • Top Ranked Sports Betting Sites
  • Sports Betting Sites
  • Bingo Industry Overview

3. Top Ranked Bingo Sites

  • Bingo Networks
  • Bingo Sites
  • Games Industry Overview
  • Top Ranked Games Sites
  • Games Sites
  • Lottery Industry Overview
  • Top Ranked Lottery Sites
  • Lottery Sites
  • Financial Markets Industry Overview
  • Top Ranked Financial Markets Sites
  • Financial Markets Sites

4. Gaming Site Owners and Operators

  • Top Ranked Owners and Operators
  • Gaming Site Owners and Operators

5. Affiliate Programs

  • Affiliate Marketing Introduction
  • Top Ranked Affiliate Programs
  • Affiliate Programs

6. Affiliate Sites

  • Top Ranked Affiliate Sites
  • Top Ranked Casino Affiliate Sites
  • Top Ranked Poker Affiliate Sites
  • Top Ranked Sports Betting Affiliate Sites
  • Top Ranked Bingo Affiliate Sites
  • Affiliate Sites

7. Game and Platform Software Suppliers

  • Top Ranked Game and Platform
  • Software Suppliers
  • Game and Platform Software Suppliers

8. Industry Suppliers

  • Industry Supplier Products and Services Index
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • MIS, IT, Communications
  • Payment Solutions
  • Security and Fraud
  • Turnkey Solution Providers
  • Other

9. Payment Methods and Payment Processors

  • Top Ranked Payment Methods
  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Processors

10. Regulatory Jurisdictions

  • Top Ranked Regulatory Jurisdictions
  • Regulatory Jurisdictions

11. Trade Associations, Conferences and Publications

  • Trade Associations
  • Trade Shows and Conferences
  • Trade Publications
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown