Mobility in the Face of Extreme Hydrometeorological Events 1

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Mobilities Facing Hydrometeorological Extreme Events 1: Defining the Relevant Scales of Analysis provides a summary of the interdisciplinary work done over the past ten years on the exposure of daily mobility. Residential mobility, the way in which the occupation of the flood zones evolves with time, and the resulting immobile exposure are also at the heart of this work. In the face of recrudescence and the intensification of fast floods, the book seeks to understand how the interaction of hydro-meteorological, social and development dynamics combine to bring about an improvement or, on the contrary, a worsening of both mobile and immobile exposure.

The book relies on different fields and studies conducted in the South East of France and more broadly on the Mediterranean basin to answer these questions and verify these hypotheses, with a forward challenge to better understand how population movements are exposed to these phenomena.

  • Provides a synthesis of interdisciplinary work on the exposure of daily mobilities
  • Establishes a diagram of the evolution of the flood zones and the immobile exposure
  • Finds the cause and effect of these phenomena
  • Conducts studies to answer these questions and verify these hypotheses

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1. Mobility Exposure Scales of Analysis in the Face of Flash Floods Céline LUTOFF, Jean-Dominique CREUTIN, Isabelle RUIN and Sylvie DUVILLARD 2. Social Effects of Floods on Mobilities: A Comparison Between Short-term and Long-term Perspectives Séverine DURAND and Isabelle RUIN 3. The Challenges of Flash Flood Forecasting Isabelle BRAUD, Béatrice VINCENDON, Sandrine ANQUETIN, Véronique DUCROCQ and Jean-Dominique CREUTIN 4. High-impact Weather Events: Is a Socio-hydrometeorological Characterization Possible? Sandrine ANQUETIN, Isabelle RUIN, Gilles MOLINIÉ, Jean-Stéphane CARNEL, Benoit LAFON, Isabelle BRAUD, Céline LUTOFF, Bruno WILHELM and Jean-Dominique CREUTIN 5. Legal Evolution of the Conflict Between Water Mobility and the Mobility of People Jean-Dominique CREUTIN and Valérie SANSEVERINO-GODFRIN 6. The Difficulties in Local Implementation of Risk Prevention Policies Joël BOULIER, Edwige DUBOS-PAILLARD, Antonin PAVARD and Valérie SANSEVERINO-GODFRIN 7. The Influence of Residential Migrations on the Evolution of Populations Exposed to a Flood Risk Edwige DUBOS-PAILLARD, Antonin PAVARD and Joël BOULIER 8. Exposure to Flash Floods: The Conflict Between Human Mobility and Water Mobility Céline LUTOFF, Jean-Dominique CREUTIN, Isabelle RUIN, Sylvie DUVILLARD, Sandrine ANQUETIN and Marco BORGA

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Lutoff, Celine
Teacher and researcher in the University Grenoble Alpes since 2001, I am a social scientist working on spatiotemporal responses facing extreme natural events and climate change. With a background in sociology (undergraduate) and geography (master and PhD), I'm involved since more than 20 years in interdisciplinary research with environmental scientists regarding extreme natural event. I'm particularly interested in social dynamic exposure and social adaptation to earthquakes, flash floods and effects of climate change.

As a complement of this orientation, my recent works are more focused on interactions between researchers and operationals in risk and climate change domains. I have had the opportunity to join the University of Oklahoma for six month on this topic in 2013. Since 2014, I'm co-managing an intermediation plateform at regional scale, Ouranos AuRA, facilitating connections between stakeholders and researchers concerning regional effects of climate change, particularly in mountains.
Durand, Severine
Research fellow in the University Grenoble Alpes, I am a sociologist of the environment. I am interested in the study of environmental issues in general and in the study of "human - nature" relationships in particular and beyond nature/culture dualism. More specifically, I work on relations between human and extreme weather and climate change issue.

With a background in psychology (undergraduate), geography (master) and sociologie (PhD), I'm involved since 10 years in interdisciplinary research on natural hasards. After a thesis on flood risk culture, I worked 4 years (post-doctorate position) in a research project on "Residential and routine mobility dynamics and weather extremes under changing climate" (Mobiclimex project, ANR, France). Currently, I work in an other research project on "Political experiences of climate change". I'm studying the practices and experiential knowledge of environmental changes of mountain practitioners (in Ecrins french national park).

At the same time, with 3 others researchers I contribute to create an intermediation plateform at regional scale (Occitanie, South-Est of France) to facilitate connections between stakeholders and researchers concerning regional effects of climate change; on the model of others existing organizations (Ouranos in Quebec, Ouranos-AuRA or Grec-Paca in France).
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