Adjustment Models in 3D Geomatics and Computational Geophysics, Vol 4

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Adjustment Models in 3D Geomatics and Geophysical Computations: with MATLAB Examples introduces a complete package of theoretical and practical subjects in adjustment computations related to geomatics and geophysical applications, particularly photogrammetry, surveying, remote sensing, GIS, cartography, geodesy, and computing. Presented in a simple way supported by illustrating figures and solved examples supported by MATLAB codes, the book provides clear methods for processing 3D data for accurate and reliable results.

Including problems related to free net adjustment, adjustment with constraints, blunder detection, RANSAC, robust estimation, error propagation, 3D co-registration, image pose determination, and others, the Adjustment Models in 3D Geomatics and Geophysical Computations is a practical guide to adjustment computation as applied to reliable use of measured geomatic and geophysical data.

  • Covers both theory and practice of using adjustment techniques to a wide variety of modern applications in Geomatics
  • Presents topics including Kalman filter, Robust estimation, Levenberg Marquardt technique and many other vital applications in the context of Geomatics and photogrammetry
  • Provides 75 solved problems in detail, especially related to 3-Dimensional applications of Geomatics
  • Offers MATLAB codes to strengthen the understanding of the solutions and to comply with up-to-date knowledge of information science
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1. Statistical Introduction
2. Propagation of Errors
3. Least Squares Adjustment Procedures
4. Common Observation Models and Their Adjustment in Geomatics
5. Adjustment Using General Observation Model
6. Adjustment with Constraints
7. Fitting Goemetric Primitives with Least Squares
8. Unified Approach of Least Squares
9. 3D Transformation and Co-Registration
10. Kalman Filter
11. Introduction to Adjustment with Levenberg-Marquardt Method
12. Post Analysis in Adjustment Computations Appendix: MATLAB Code for Generic 2D Geodetic Networks Adjustment References
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Alsadik, Bashar
Bashar Alsadik studied in the surveying engineering department at Baghdad University from 1988 to 1992 where he received his BSc. degree and ranked the first. Due to his avid interest in geomatics and photogrammetry, he took up his Master of Science MSc. in the same department from 1992 to 1995. In 1999, he was hired in the department as an assistant lecturer. In 2005, he earned the title of lecturer and in 2008, he was promoted to assistant professor. He lectured on the topics of photogrammetry and adjustment computations besides supervising M.Sc. projects.

In November 2010, he pursued a PhD at the University of Twente, ITC faculty in The Netherlands. The research was under the theme of acquisition and quality of Geo-spatial information and in Nov. 2014 he earned the doctoral degree in Geoinformatics.

Currently he is a R&D consulting engineer in a technology company in the Netherlands. His assignments are mainly in Mobile mapping systems, positioning, photogrammetry, and lidar scanning.
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