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Disease Pathways: An Atlas of Human Disease Signaling Pathways is designed to fill a void in the literature on illustrated reviews of well-documented and understood mechanisms of human diseases on both cellular and molecular levels. It is built from the powerful knowledgebase of biological relationships with analytical and visualization tools from Pathway StudioT, Elsevier's proprietary commercial software that harnesses text mining technology to process a vast collection of published data, extracting biological terms, concepts and relationships. The core content is gleaned from 10,000+ total journals, 1,700+ full-text journals, 25M+ PubMed Abstracts and 200,000+ clinical trials.

The atlas covers 30 human diseases and focuses on a brief summary of a disease, including key aspects of etiology and clinical picture, a short glossary, and images of the disease signaling pathways with narration and references. The book provides the reader with detailed information on the basic concept of disease signaling pathways on a highly scientific level, while simultaneously keeping the presentation clear and simple.

This is a must-have for general biologist, biochemists, students, and medical workers. In addition, readers who require information to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms of human diseases could also find it useful.

  • Designed as an atlas with basic reviews and summaries on cell signaling in the context of human diseases
  • Highlights detailed scientific information on the basic concept of disease signaling pathways with simple and clear presentations
  • Visualizes cell signaling with powerful images of the causes of disease pathology, thus making information more intuitive
  • Includes clear, full-color illustrations of the pathways and networks that determine biological function
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1. Part One 1. Introduction to the cell signaling biochemistry and proteomics 2. System biology and signaling pathways 3. Complexity of molecular mechanisms of human diseases

2. Part Two 1. Cardiovascular Diseases 2. Dermatological Diseases 3. Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases 4. Intestinal Diseases 5. Musculoskeletal System Diseases 6. Neurological Diseases 7. Obstetrics and Gynecology Diseases 8. Ophthalmology/Eye Diseases 9. Otolaryngological Diseases 10. Respirator and Pulmonology Diseases 11. Nephrology Diseases

3. Part Three 1. Methods of using intracellular maps for diagnosis of diseases in personalized medicine 2. Conclusion

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Nesterova, Anastasia P.
Dr. Nesterova is a Senior Scientist at Elsevier's Pathway StudioT. For five years, her team of scientists compiled signaling pathways for over 250 diseases using the powerful commercial software from Pathway StudioT. The authors are qualified scientists who have completed doctoral and postdoctoral studies and are experienced in the modeling and analysis of cellular signaling pathways of normal and pathological process in mammals.
Yuryev, Anton
Dr. Anton Yuryev has M.S degree in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia and Ph.D in Genetics and Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University, USA where he discovered proteins physically linking gene transcription with mRNA processing in eukaryotic cells. He has over 20 years of experience in bioinformatics. After finishing his post-doctoral training at Novartis Inc Dr. Yuryev worked as Senior Scientist at InforMax, then continued at Orchid Bioscience as Senior Bioinformatics Analyst, and then as Senior Director of Application Science at Ariadne Genomics where he participated in the development of natural language processing technology and award-winning Pathway Studio software. Dr. Yuryev has published more than 40 scientific publications, edited three scientific books, and authored several algorithms for primer design and pathway analysis. He works now as Professional Services Director at Elsevier and responsible for development of targeted bioinformatics solutions using Elsevier software and knowledge bases for areas of drug development, personalized medicine and agrobiology.
Klimov, Eugene A.
Leading Specialist in the Analysis of Biological Information, Elsevier Inc. / Novel Software Systems, Moscow, Russia
Full Dr. of Biol. Sc., Associate Professor, Leader of Group of Medical Genetics, Department of Genetics, Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Zharkova, Maria
Shkrob, Maria
Maria Shkrob has 7 years of experience in the bioinformatics industry, working on the solutions for text and data mining. At Elsevier, she works as a Consultant for Elsevier Professional Services applying the rich R&D Solutions portfolio to address customers' needs.
Ivanikova, Natalia V.
Sozin, Sergey
Sergei Sozin has been serving as a scientist in the Production and Research Biology Department at Elsevier with a focus on disease pathways building and analyzing since 2015. His current interests lie in the field of signaling pathways of the molecular pathogenesis of diseases with a special focus on cancer biology.
Sergei Sozin received the M.D. degree from State Pavlov Medical University, St.Petersburg, Russia in 2004 and completed post-graduated education in internal medicine and hematology-oncology with special focus on molecular pathogenesis of blood cancers. He took part in multiple research projects and clinical trials.
Sobolev, Vladimir
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