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Growth Opportunities in the Internet of Things - Enabled Supply Chain Management Market, Forecast to 2024

  • Report

  • 94 Pages
  • June 2019
  • Region: Global
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • ID: 4790937

End-to-end Visibility, Predictive Analysis, and Real-time Insights will Drive Adoption of IoT

Supply chain in any organization is literally its backbone. Cutting across a range of functions, it traverses across the life cycle of a product. Even a slight impediment can affect the entire value chain, run schedules off track, and significantly hamper productivity and efficiency. As companies struggle with visibility and transparency in the traditional supply chain, corrective actions are usually reactive. Data received after an incident are unable to prevent any damages.

Digital supply chain has emerged as an alternative to the traditional methods. As technology enhances organizational performance, we believe that the impact of cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions is especially significant. The comprehensive IoT ecosystem comprising of hardware, middleware, connectivity, software, and advanced technologies has pioneered the launch of some extremely innovative SCM solutions. The benefits of access to data-driven and predictive insights impact all stakeholders’ performance and efficiency.

Supply chain industry is primarily segmented into asset tracking and management, fleet management, inventory management, warehouse management, and connected factories. The smooth movement of goods from raw materials right up to customers requires a range of functions, departments, and providers to work in tandem and efficiently. Supply chain solutions are relevant across industries. Some of the interesting case studies that are included in the research are from verticals such as mining, retail, and food and pharmaceutical. Each vertical has a specific set of challenges, and solution providers must work closely with their customers to understand their needs and provide a suitable solution.

Use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Big Data Analytics (BDA) and emerging technologies such as blockchains and robotics are able to meet customer expectations. The technology-enabled solutions introduce automation and insights that are expected to greatly enhance the supply chain industry performance. As different stakeholders have access to almost real-time data, timely corrective actions are initiated. This reduces disruptions, losses, and damages to a great extent.

Some of the challenges faced by companies that are planning to implement IoT to manage SCM include optimizing and merging existing and new data, siloes in the current systems, presence of multiple stakeholders across the value chain, and data security and privacy risks. However, the interest is high and many pilots and initial implementation of technologies are underway. As companies identify benefits, a multitude of growth opportunities for providers are emerging, ranging from hardware and software to emerging technology solutions such as robotics and blockchain.

Research Scope

This analysis will cover some of the solution providers, their innovative solutions, and the impact of these solutions on the industry. Based on the existing trends and the developments in technology, we have identified some growth opportunities that are expected to significantly impact the industry in the near future.

This research broadly covers the following:

  • Existing challenges in supply chain
  • Technology-enabled ecosystem
  • Impact of advanced technologies and specifically of IoT on SCM
  • IoT-enabled services and different solution providers
  • Growth opportunities across the industry
  • Market and technology trends

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the challenges faced by supply chain industry?
  • What are the different technologies impacting the supply chain industry?
  • What are the drivers and restraints in implementing IoT in SCM?
  • What are the top growth opportunities for providers of IoT-enabled SCM solutions?
  • What are some of the innovations and companies making news?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Dashboard
  • Purpose of This Experiential Study
  • 5 Step Process to Transformational Growth
  • Strategic Imperatives for Providers
  • Growth Opportunities for Suppliers

2. Growth Environment - Market Overview
  • Market Definitions
  • Research Focus - IoT in SCM
  • Digitalization of SCM
  • SCM - Components Contributing to Decisions
  • Digital SCM - Impact Areas in an Organization
  • Digital SCM - Benefits and Challenges Post-implementation
  • Digital SCM - Current Trends

3. Growth Environment - IoT-enabled SCM Market
  • Digital SCM - Technology Trends
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Enabling Ecosystem
  • IoT in Supply Chain - Vendors
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Hardware
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Networks
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Advanced Technologies
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Dashboards
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Emerging Technologies
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Implications Across Multiple Functions
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Drivers and Restraints Overview
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Drivers Discussion
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Restraints Discussion
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Features and Pricing Trends

4. Market Forecast
  • IoT and SCM - Forecasts
  • IoT and SCM - Market Segments
  • IoT and SCM - Asset Tracking and Management
  • IoT and SCM - Asset Tracking and Management Use Cases
  • IoT and SCM - Fleet Management
  • IoT and SCM - Fleet Management Use Cases
  • IoT and SCM - Warehouse Management
  • IoT and SCM - Warehouse Management Use Cases
  • IoT and SCM - Inventory Management
  • IoT and SCM - Inventory Management Use Cases
  • IoT and SCM - Connected Factory
  • IoT and SCM - Connected Factory Use Cases
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Innovations in Retail Reflect Possibilities
  • IoT-enabled SCM Market - Application Reflects Impact on Efficiency and Accuracy

5. Visioning Scenarios
  • Macro to Micro Visioning
  • Trends/Factors Impacting IoT-enabled SCM
  • Top Predictions for the IoT-enabled SCM Market

6. Growth Pipeline
  • Levers for Growth

7. Vision and Strategy - Growth Opportunities
  • Growth Opportunity 1 - IoT-enabled Robots/Cobots
  • Growth Opportunity 2 - Blockchain
  • Growth Opportunity 3 - Predictive Analytics
  • Growth Opportunity 4 - Edge and Fog Computing
  • Growth Opportunity 5 - Last-mile Shipping
  • Growth Opportunity 6 - IoT-as-a-service for SCM

8. Brand and Demand - Growth Opportunities
  • Growth Opportunity 1 - Integrating Software
  • Growth Opportunity 2 - Cybersecurity
  • Growth Opportunity 3 - Hardware
  • Growth Opportunity 4 - Virtual Assistants

9. The Last Word
  • Key Takeaways

10. Growth Opportunities Matrix
  • Identifying Your Company’s Growth Zone
  • Growth Opportunities 1 - 6:Vision and Strategy
  • Growth Opportunities 6 - 10:Brand and Demand
  • Growth Opportunities Matrix

11. Growth Strategy and Implementation
  • Growth Strategies for Your Company
  • Prioritized Opportunities Through Implementation
  • Legal Disclaimer

12. Appendix
  • List of Exhibits