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Kiev Private School Market Report

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  • 67 Pages
  • November 2019
  • Region: Global
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The public school market has been actively developing since 2015/16, primarily due to population growth in large cities. For example, in Kiev, which is the leader in terms of the number of schools, public schools cannot meet the demand of the population, the number of public schools is growing slowly, while the number of new residential areas is growing faster every year. More and more parents are taking into account the quality of education and conditions at school, the availability of additional services and the level of foreign language teaching. Also, working parents prefer to choose a full-time school, which public schools cannot always provide.

In 2018/19, 29 new public schools were opened in Ukraine, with a total of 228 schools opened. Compared to 2010/11, their number has increased by 18.8% and compared to 2017/18, the number of public schools in Ukraine has increased by 14.6% compared to 2017/18. They were attended by 32,800 students, which is 5,400 students or 19.5% more compared to 2017/18. Compared to 2010/11, the increase is 86.3%.

In 2018/2019, there were 505 secondary education institutions in Kiev, of which 430 were municipal, 66 were private and 9 were institutions of other agencies. In 2018, compared to 2016, the number of public schools increased by 37.5%.

Public schools can be divided into two groups conditionally:
  • those that have been on the market for a long time. These include schools dating back to 1990, which are already well known on the market, have established classrooms and make the most of their capacity (school occupancy).
  • those that have emerged thanks to active development in Kiev. The majority of developers developing the concept of fully functional residential complexes put a private educational institution into the project structure. Initially it is positioned as a school for 'internal use', but in fact it accepts students regardless of where they live. These schools are characterised by an ever-growing number of students, more modern approaches to education and new facilities.

The development of the public school market is directly dependent on parental demand. The increase in demand is influenced by the number of people in Kiev, the intensity of development and the level of income. Modern lifestyles require both parents to work in the family, which is why there is an increasing demand for full-time schools where, in addition to the main educational programme, students develop in clubs and sports sections.

Table of Contents

1. General characteristics of the private school market, including preschool institutions of Ukraine, with the allocation of Kyiv in 2016-9 months 2019.
1.1. Market Description (History of Development, Specificity, Problems, Market Impact Factors)
1.2. Market Trend Analysis in 2016 - 9 Months 2019
1.3. Overall market indicators, calculation of market volumes in 2016-2018 (Assessment based on the financial statements of companies after the researched KVED (economic activities Classification))
1.4. Private Education Market Segmentation: Private Preschools and Private Schools in Kyiv Shares
2. The private school market in Kyiv major operators
2.1. Major market operators and their description (Top 10 companies based on 2018 companies income and Private School Public Ratings)
2.2. Segmentation and structuring of major market operators (by type of service; price segments; areas)
2.3. The major private school market operators in Kyiv Shares (based on 2016 and 2018 financial statements)
2.4. The market operators Competitive analysis. Multifactor analytical model Formation with estimation of parameters of the company's work with further calculation of the total estimation
  • List of services (training programs)
  • Area of ??the school
  • School focus (specialization - languages, technical sciences, humanities, social skills or academic knowledge, etc. )
  • School marketing chips indicated in the mission and positioning of the school
  • Number of foreign languages
  • Nutrition (what are the services and whether they are included in the tuition fees)
  • Foreign companies that participated in the development of the educational program
  • Presence of premiums, certificates, etc.
  • Staff (description of experience, certificates and diplomas)
  • Additional services (creative and sports clubs, library, swimming pool, etc. )
  • Level and qualification of graduation certificates
  • Number of students
  • Activity on social networks
  • Price segment
2.5. SWOT-analysis of the TOP-10 companies according to the calculations of p. 2. 4.
2.6. Geographic location:
* Kyiv private schools on the map
3. Price policy in the market. The major operators prices Comparison in the market by the main types of services (preschool, elementary, middle and high school)
4. Consumption in the Kyiv private school market
4.1. Consumption in the Kyiv private school market. The real population in Kyiv at the moment. Estimation of the high income with children under 16 years population shares in Kyiv
5. Conclusions and recommendations
5.1. Conclusions and forecast tendencies of market development
5.2. Construction of market development hypotheses. Market Indicators for 2019-2022 in Kyiv
5.3. Recommendations for market development
6. Investment attractiveness of the industry
6.1. SWOT - market direction analysis
6.2. PEST - market direction analysis
6.3. Building a risk map in the market
1. Educational qualification levels in Ukraine
2. Number and income of private educational institutions of pre-school and school education in 2016-2018
3. Number of privately owned educational establishments by region in Ukraine in 2018
4. Amount of private educational establishments in major regions * of Ukraine in 2016-2018
5. Segmentation of an educational institution average income in the districts of Kyiv, mln. UAH
6. Private educational institutions Structuring by amount and income in Kyiv districts
7. TOP - 18 private educational institutions based on income level in 2018
8. TOP - 10 major market operators (private schools)
9. Segmentation of major operators by types of services
10. List of educational programs of major market operators
11. School area of ??the major market operators
12. Specialization of the major market operators
13. Marketing chips of the main market operators
14. Structuring of the major market operators by foreign languages ??taught at school
15. Number of academic hours of English language per year, hours
16. Major operators Catering services in the Kyiv market
17. Foreign subjects who participated in the development of the educational program
18. Availability of certificates and awards from major market operators
19. Characteristics of the school's teaching staff
20. Additional services of the major market operators
21. Extra Services - Circles in Private Schools (Number of Circles and Attending Students)
22. Qualification of graduation certificate
23. Number of children enrolled in schools of major market operators in 2016-2018
24. Social networks used by market operators
25. Cost of tuition in private schools
26. Evaluation and weighting of enterprises' competitiveness criteria
27. Assessment of enterprises' competitiveness criteria
28. Assessment of qualitative and quantitative parameters of enterprises' competitiveness
29. Assessment of enterprises' competitiveness criteria (integral indicator)
30. SWOT - Private Schools Market Analysis
31. Annual cost of tuition at major operators' preschools, $ / year
32. System of discounts and grant programs in private schools
33. Economic activity of population in cities of Ukraine and in Kyiv as of 2018,%
34. The population with income above 26 thousand UAH / month in 2018 and the number of children
35. Building a forcast model of the private school market development in Ukraine in 2029-2022
36. Dynamics of the pupils number in private schools under the optimistic scenario
37. Dynamics of the pupils number in private schools under the pessimistic scenario
38. SWOT - market direction matrix
39. SWOT - market direction analysis
40. PEST - private school market analysis
41. Market risks segmentation
42. Risk map of the private school market
1. Dynamics of the average level of wages in Ukraine in 2017-2019, UAH
2. Dynamics of the number of pre-school and school educational establishments in Ukraine in 2019-2019, thousand pcs.
3. Dynamics of the number of private educational establishments in 2010-2019, pcs.
4. Dynamics of the number of pupils in schools in 2010-2018, million people
5. Dynamics of the number of pupils in private schools in 2010-2018, million people
6. Kyiv's share in the structure of private schools in Ukraine
7. Number of private schools in Kyiv in 2016-2018
8. The structure of the number of schools and pupils in schools, depending on the ownership of the establishment
9. Structure of private schools in Kyiv by degrees
10. Structure of private schools by types of educational establishments in 2018/19
11. Structure of Kyiv's private educational establishments by districts in 2018
12. Major market operators Segmentation based on 2018 annual study cost
13. Major market operators Segmentation by districts
14. Private school market Major operators' Shares in 2016
15. Private school market Major operators' Shares in 2018
16. Major market operators Structure by area of ??the school
17. Geographical location of private schools in Kyiv
18. Major market operators' schools Annual tuition fees for pupils in grades 1-4, $ / year
19. Major market operators' schools Annual tuition fees for pupils in grades 5-11, $ / year
20. Kyiv population in 2019
21. Target audience Structure by age among Kyiv's permanent population as of January 1, 2019
22. Structure of TOP-10 market operators by number of students in private educational establishments
23. Structure of TOP-10 market operators by number of students in educational establishments, taking into account potential students