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DED and Large-Format Additive Manufacturing Markets: 2021-2030

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  • August 2021
  • Region: Global
  • Additive Manufacturing Research
  • ID: 5397862

This report identifies the opportunities presented by Directed Energy Deposition manufacturing  (DED) technology and other large-format metal additive manufacturing machines.  Coverage of this report includes large-format PFB and also variants on the theme such as WAAM and a variety of semi-proprietary processes.  Many of these processes are rapid but rough cut and require significant post processing. In other words, the machines covered in this report are closer to machine tools than 3D printers and as such we are also covering hybrid machines which combine the functionality of additive manufacturing with CNC capability.

The report takes a look at both powder-based and wire-based processes and the opportunities for large-format machines for metal-oriented service bureaus.  A major part of the report consists of a ten-year forecast of large-format machines and related materials with breakouts by types of process, materials used, service bureau vs. in-house, wire vs. powder and hybrid vs. pure AM.  Both volume and value projections are included for all the forecasts. Finally, this report includes profiles of the large-format strategies of 35 companies active in the DED/large-format space.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Background to this Report  
1.1 How Large-Format Processes Fit into the AM Sector  
1.1.1 Large-format Machines versus Conventional Machines 
1.1.2 Large-format Machines and the Machine Tool Sector  
1.1.3 Materials and Large-format Printers 
1.1.4 Customers for Large-format Printers  
1.1.5 A Note on the Geography of the Large-format Sector 
1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report  
1.3 Scope and Methodology of this Report  
1.4 Plan of Report  

Chapter Two: DED and Other Large-format Metal AM Technology 
2.1 Introduction  
2.1.1 A Note on Large-format Polymer Printing 
2.2 Directed Energy Deposition  
2.2.1 Price and the Economics of DED  
2.2.2 The Core Process  
2.2.3 Heat Sources and their Implications 
2.2.4 Print Speed  
2.2.5 Processing Environment Considerations  
2.2.6 Power Supplies 
2.2.7 Extended Build Sizes for DED  
2.2.8 Materials Considerations for DED  
2.2.9 DED for Repairs 
2.2.10 DED vs. Traditional Manufacturing: Near-net-shape Parts  
2.3 More on WAAM  
2.3.1 Why WAAM?  
2.3.2 Disadvantages of WAAM?  
2.4 Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM)  
2.5 Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF)  
2.6 Large-format Sand Printers  
2.7 Large-format Hybrid Machines 
2.8 Key Points from this Chapter 
Chapter Three: Applications, End Users and Forecasts  
3.1 How Large-format Machines are Used today 
3.1.1 A Note on Near-net-shape Parts  
3.1.2 Repair and Feature Addition Applications for DED  
3.2 Large-format Machine by End-user Industry: Install Base, Shipments and Market Value - Ten-year Forecasts 
3.3 Aerospace 
3.3.1 Advantages of Large-format AM in Aerospace  
3.3.2 Challenges for Large-format AM in the Aerospace Industry  
3.4 Automotive 
3.5 Medical  
3.6 Oil and Gas 
3.7 General Industry and Tooling 
3.7.1 DED in General Industry and Tooling  
3.8 Metal Service Bureaus 
3.8.1 Burloak Industries  
3.9 Other  
3.10 Key Points Made in this Chapter  

Chapter Four: Analysis and Ten-year Forecasts by Country and Region 
Chapter Five:  Analysis and Ten-year Forecasts of Materials Markets for Large-format Printers  
5.1 Ten-year Forecasts: Powder Materials Consumed by Large-format AM Machines  
5.2 Ten-year Forecasts of Wire for Large-format Machines  

Chapter Six: Large-format Hybrid AM: Some Notes and Forecasts 
Chapter Seven:  Key Suppliers of Large-format Printers 
7.1 Large-format Printer Supply Structure 
7.2 3D Hybrid Solutions (United States) 
7.3 AML3D (Australia) 
7.3.2 Customers  
7.4 ADDere (United States) 
7.4.1 ADDere AM Systems 
7.4.2 FAB-Weld 
7.4.3 ADDere’s Partners  
7.5 Additec (United States and Germany) 
7.6 BeAM/AddUp (France) 
7.6.1 Acquisition by Beam 
7.7 DM3D (United States)  
7.8 DMG MORI (Germany) 
7.9 ELB-Schliff (Germany) 
7.10 Evobeam (Germany) 
7.11 Farsoon (China) 
7.11.1 Farsoon’s FS721M Large Format System 
7.12 FormAlloy (United States)  
7.12.1 FormAlloy AM Technology 
7.12.2 FormAlloy AM Services  
7.13 Gefertec (Germany)  
7.13.1 GTarc AM Machines 
7.13.2 Collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries 
7.14 Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies (U.K.) 
7.14.1 Manufacturing Approach  
7.14.2 New Developments: Hybrid Advanced Manufacturing and FastWire AM  
7.15 InssTek (South Korea) 
7.15.1 Geographical Scope Expanding  
7.15.2 DMT Machines 
7.16 Laser Cladding Venture (Belgium) 
7.17 Lincoln Electric (United States)  
7.17.1 Large Format Solutions  
7.18 Mazak Corporation (Japan)  
7.19 Mitsubishi Group 
7.19.1 Mitsubishi Electric  
7.19.2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) 
7.19.3 Mitsubishi Power  
7.20 MX3D (The Netherlands)  
7.20.1 Projects 
7.21 Norsk Titanium (Norway)  
7.21.1 Applications  
7.22 Okuma (Japan) 
7.23 Optomec (United States)  
7.23.1 The LENS Process  
7.24 Prima Additive (Italy) 
7.25 Prodways (France)  
7.25.1 Rapid Additive Forging (RAF)  
7.26 Ramlab  
7.26.1 Ship’s Propeller  
7.26.2 Crane Hook  
7.27 Relativity Space (United States) 
7.27.1 Plans for Building and Launching Rockets 
7.27.2 Additive Manufacturing Activities 
7.28 Sciaky (United States) 
7.28.1 EBAM Product Range 
7.28.2 Customers  
7.29 Titomic (Australia)  
7.30 Trumpf (Germany)  
7.30.1 Laser Metal Fusion (LMF)  
7.30.2 LMD Machines 
7.31 WAAM3D (United Kingdom) 
7.31.1 Work with Thales Alenia Space  
7.32 XBeam3D (Ukraine)  
7.32.1 EBM Machines 

About the Analyst  
Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report  

List of Exhibits 
Exhibit 1-1: Large-format AM:  Primary Characteristics 
Exhibit 3-1:  Ten-year Forecasts of Large-format Machine Shipments and Install Base: by End-user Industry (Units) 
Exhibit 3-2: Ten-year Forecasts of Large-format Machine Revenues by Industry ($ Millions) 
Exhibit 4-1:  Install Base by Share of Country/Region - 2025 
Exhibit 5-1: Ten-year Forecasts of Large-format Material Shipments: by Value ($ Millions) 
Exhibit 5-2: Ten-year Forecasts of DED Machines by Powder versus Wire 
Exhibit 6-1: Ten-year Forecasts of Large-format Machines with Hybrid Capabilities 
Exhibit 7-1:  ADDere Machines 
Exhibit 7-2:  ADDere’s Technical Partners 
Exhibit 7-3:  InssTek - Largest Format Machines 
Exhibit 7-4: Prima Additive LMD Machines 
Exhibit 7-5: Sciaky EBAM Product Range 



Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • 3D Hybrid Solutions 
  • ADDere 
  • Additec 
  • AML3D 
  • BeAM/AddUp 
  • DM3D 
  • ELB-Schliff 
  • Evobeam 
  • Farsoon 
  • FormAlloy 
  • Gefertec 
  • Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies 
  • InssTek 
  • Laser Cladding Venture 
  • Lincoln Electric 
  • Mazak Corporation 
  • Mitsubishi Group 
  • MX3D 
  • Norsk Titanium 
  • Okuma 
  • Optomec 
  • Prima Additive 
  • Prodways 
  • Ramlab  
  • Relativity Space 
  • Sciaky 
  • Titomic 
  • Trumpf 
  • WAAM3D 
  • XBeam3D