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Global Aromatherapy Market Report and Forecast 2023-2031

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  • 147 Pages
  • April 2023
  • Region: Global
  • Expert Market Research
  • ID: 5797882
The global aromatherapy market value in 2022 was USD 2.34 billion, driven by the increasing consumer interest in natural health products across the globe. The global aromatherapy market size is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10.7% during the forecast period of 2023-2031 achieve a value of USD 5.83 billion by 2031.

Aromatherapy: Introduction

Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. It harnesses the therapeutic properties of essential oils, which are aromatic compounds derived from plants, to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Aromatherapy can be applied through inhalation, topical application, or massage.

Aromatherapy Market Scenario

The global aromatherapy market has witnessed significant growth in recent years, driven by factors such as increasing consumer interest in natural health products, the growing adoption of complementary and alternative medicine, and the expanding range of available aromatherapy products and applications.

North America: The largest market for aromatherapy, driven by factors such as high consumer awareness, a strong preference for natural health products, and the presence of established market players.

Europe: The second-largest market, with increasing demand for aromatherapy due to a growing aging population, a supportive regulatory framework, and an expanding natural health products sector.

Asia Pacific: Expected to witness the highest growth rate due to factors such as a rapidly growing middle-class population, increasing consumer interest in natural health products, and growing investments in the wellness industry.

Aromatherapy Market Segmentations

Market Breakup by Product Type

  • Consumables
  • Equipment

Market by Mode of Delivery

  • Topical Application
  • Aerial Diffusion
  • Direct Inhalation

Market Breakup by Application

  • Relaxation
  • Skin and Hair Care
  • Pain Management
  • Cold and Cough
  • Insomnia
  • Scar Management
  • Others

Market Breakup by End User

  • Home Use
  • Spa and Wellness Centers
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Yoga and Meditation Centers

Market by Distribution Channel

  • DTC (Direct-To-Customer)
  • B2B (Business-To-Business)

Market by Region

North America

  • United States of America
  • Canada


  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Others

Asia Pacific

  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • Australia
  • Others

Latin America

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Others

Middle East and Africa

  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Others

Key Trends in the Aromatherapy Market

Some key trends of the market are as follows:
  • Increasing consumer interest in natural health products: The growing preference for natural and chemical-free products has driven the demand for aromatherapy, as consumers seek alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals and synthetic personal care products
  • Growing adoption of complementary and alternative medicine: The rising awareness and acceptance of complementary and alternative medicine practices, including aromatherapy, have contributed to the growth of the market
  • Expanding range of available aromatherapy products and applications: The continuous development of innovative aromatherapy products, such as diffusers, candles, and personal care products, has expanded the market and increased consumer interest

Aromatherapy Market: Competitor Landscape

The report gives an in-depth analysis of the key players involved in the aromatherapy market, sponsors manufacturing the drugs, and putting them through trials to get FDA approvals. The companies included in the market are as follows:
  • doTERRA
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Florihana Distillerie
  • Plant Therapy Essential Oils
  • Stadler Form Aktiengesellschaft
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Edens Garden
  • Rocky Mountain Oils, LLC
  • Biolandes
  • Falcon
  • Hubmar International
  • SpaRoom
  • EO Products
  • NOW Foods
  • Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Global Aromatherapy Market

What is the estimated value of the Global Aromatherapy Market?

The Global Aromatherapy Market was estimated to be valued at $2.59 Billion in 2023.

What is the growth rate of the Global Aromatherapy Market?

The growth rate of the Global Aromatherapy Market is 10.7%, with an estimated value of $5.83 Billion by 2031.

What is the forecasted size of the Global Aromatherapy Market?

The Global Aromatherapy Market is estimated to be worth $5.83 Billion by 2031.

Who are the key companies in the Global Aromatherapy Market?

Key companies in the Global Aromatherapy Market include Doterra, Mountain Rose Herbs, Florihana Distillerie, Plant Therapy Essential Oils, Stadler Form Aktiengesellschaft, Young Living Essential Oils, Edens Garden, Rocky Mountain Oils, LLC, Biolandes and Falcon.

Table of Contents

1 Preface
1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.2 Key Assumptions
1.3 Report Coverage - Key Segmentation and Scope
1.4 Research Methodology
2 Executive Summary
3 Global Aroma Therapy Market Overview
3.1 Global Aroma Therapy Market Historical Value (2016-2022)
3.2 Global Aroma Therapy Market Forecast Value (2023-2031)
4 Global Aroma Therapy Market Landscape
4.1 Global Aroma Therapy Developers Landscape
4.1.1 Analysis by Year of Establishment
4.1.2 Analysis by Company Size
4.1.3 Analysis by Region
4.2 Global Aroma Therapy Product Landscape
4.2.1 Analysis by Product Type
4.2.2 Analysis by Applications
4.2.3 Analysis by End User
5 Global Aroma Therapy Market Dynamics
5.1 Market Drivers and Constraints
5.2 SWOT Analysis
5.3 Porter’s Five Forces Model
5.4 Key Demand Indicators
5.5 Key Price Indicators
5.6 Industry Events, Initiatives, and Trends
5.7 Value Chain Analysis
6 Global Aroma Therapy Market Segmentation
6.1 Global Aroma Therapy Market by Product Type
6.1.1 Market Overview
6.1.2 Consumables
6.1.3 Equipment
6.2 Global Aroma Therapy Market by Mode of Delivery
6.2.1 Market Overview
6.2.2 Topical Application
6.2.3 Aerial Diffusion
6.2.4 Direct Inhalation
6.3 Global Aroma Therapy Market by Application
6.3.1 Market Overview
6.3.2 Relaxation
6.3.3 Skin and Hair Care
6.3.4 Pain Management
6.3.5 Cold and Cough
6.3.6 Insomnia
6.3.7 Scar Management
6.3.8 Others
6.4 Global Aroma Therapy Market by End User
6.4.1 Market Overview
6.4.2 Home Use
6.4.3 Spa and Wellness Centers
6.4.4 Hospitals and Clinics
6.4.5 Yoga and Meditation Centers
6.5 Global Aroma Therapy Market by Distribution Channel
6.5.1 Market Overview
6.5.2 DTC (Direct-To-Customer)
6.5.3 B2B (Business-To-Business)
6.6 Global Aroma Therapy Market by Region
6.6.1 Market Overview
6.6.2 North America
6.6.3 Europe
6.6.4 Asia Pacific
6.6.5 Latin America
6.6.6 Middle East and Africa
7 North America Aroma Therapy Market
7.1 Market Share by Country
7.2 United States of America
7.3 Canada
8 Europe Aroma Therapy Market
8.1 Market Share by Country
8.2 United Kingdom
8.3 Germany
8.4 France
8.5 Italy
8.6 Others
9 Asia Pacific Aroma Therapy Market
9.1 Market Share by Country
9.2 China
9.3 Japan
9.4 India
9.6 Australia
9.7 Others
10 Latin America Aroma Therapy Market
10.1 Market Share by Country
10.2 Brazil
10.3 Argentina
10.4 Mexico
10.5 Others
11 Middle East and Africa Aroma Therapy Market
11.1 Market Share by Country
11.2 Saudi Arabia
11.3 United Arab Emirates
11.4 Nigeria
11.5 South Africa
11.6 Others
12 Patent Analysis
12.1 Analysis by Type of Patent
12.2 Analysis by Publication year
12.3 Analysis by Issuing Authority
12.4 Analysis by Patent Age
12.5 Analysis by CPC Analysis
12.6 Analysis by Patent Valuation
12.7 Analysis by Key Players
13 Grants Analysis
13.1 Analysis by year
13.2 Analysis by Amount Awarded
13.3 Analysis by Issuing Authority
13.4 Analysis by Grant Application
13.5 Analysis by Funding Institute
13.6 Analysis by NIH Departments
13.7 Analysis by Recipient Organization
14 Clinical Trials Analysis
14.1 Analysis by Trial Registration Year
14.2 Analysis by Trial Status
14.3 Analysis by Trial Phase
14.4 Analysis by Therapeutic Area
14.5 Analysis by Geography
15 Funding Analysis
15.1 Analysis by Funding Instances
15.2 Analysis by Type of Funding
15.3 Analysis by Funding Amount
15.4 Analysis by Leading Players
15.5 Analysis by Leading Investors
15.6 Analysis by Geography
16 Partnership and Collaborations Analysis
16.1 Analysis by Partnership Instances
16.2 Analysis by Type of Partnership
16.3 Analysis by Leading Players
16.4 Analysis by Geography
17 Regulatory Framework
17.1 Regulatory Overview
17.1.1 US FDA
17.1.2 EU EMA
17.1.5 Others
18 Supplier Landscape
18.1 doTERRA
18.1.1 Financial Analysis
18.1.2 Product Portfolio
18.1.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.1.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.1.5 Certifications
18.2 Mountain Rose Herbs
18.2.1 Financial Analysis
18.2.2 Product Portfolio
18.2.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.2.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.2.5 Certifications
18.3 Florihana Distillerie
18.3.1 Financial Analysis
18.3.2 Product Portfolio
18.3.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.3.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.3.5 Certifications
18.4 Plant Therapy Essential Oils
18.4.1 Financial Analysis
18.4.2 Product Portfolio
18.4.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.4.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.4.5 Certifications
18.5 Stadler Form Aktiengesellschaft
18.5.1 Financial Analysis
18.5.2 Product Portfolio
18.5.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.5.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.5.5 Certifications
18.6 Young Living Essential Oils
18.6.1 Financial Analysis
18.6.2 Product Portfolio
18.6.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.6.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.6.5 Certifications
18.7 Edens Garden
18.7.1 Financial Analysis
18.7.2 Product Portfolio
18.7.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.7.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.7.5 Certifications
18.8 Rocky Mountain Oils, LLC
18.8.1 Financial Analysis
18.8.2 Product Portfolio
18.8.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.8.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.8.5 Certifications
18.9 Biolandes
18.9.1 Financial Analysis
18.9.2 Product Portfolio
18.9.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.9.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.9.5 Certifications
18.10 Falcon
18.10.1 Financial Analysis
18.10.2 Product Portfolio
18.10.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.10.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.10.5 Certifications
18.11 Hubmar International
18.11.1 Financial Analysis
18.11.2 Product Portfolio
18.11.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.11.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.11.5 Certifications
18.12 SpaRoom
18.12.1 Financial Analysis
18.12.2 Product Portfolio
18.12.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.12.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.12.5 Certifications
18.13 EO Products
18.13.1 Financial Analysis
18.13.2 Product Portfolio
18.13.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.13.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.13.5 Certifications
18.14 NOW Foods
18.14.1 Financial Analysis
18.14.2 Product Portfolio
18.14.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.14.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.14.5 Certifications
18.15 Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.
18.15.1 Financial Analysis
18.15.2 Product Portfolio
18.15.3 Demographic Reach and Achievements
18.15.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
18.15.5 Certifications
19 Global Aroma Therapy Market- Distribution Model (Additional Insight)
19.1 Overview
19.2 Potential Distributors
19.3 Key Parameters for Distribution Partner Assessment
20 Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Insights (Additional Insight)
21 Company Competitiveness Analysis (Additional Insight)
21.1 Very Small Companies
21.2 Small Companies
21.3 Mid-Sized Companies
21.4 Large Companies
21.5 Very Large Companies
22 Payment Methods (Additional Insight)
22.1 Government Funded
22.2 Private Insurance
22.3 Out-of-Pocket

Companies Mentioned

  • Doterra
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Florihana Distillerie
  • Plant Therapy Essential Oils
  • Stadler Form Aktiengesellschaft
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Edens Garden
  • Rocky Mountain Oils, LLC
  • Biolandes
  • Falcon
  • Hubmar International
  • Sparoom
  • Eo Products
  • Now Foods
  • Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd.