Strategic Leadership (London, United Kingdom - February 11-15, 2019)

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  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • 5 Days
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  • Training Dates: February 11-15, 2019
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Strategic leadership is about looking beyond the “now” to prepare and position your business for the future. It focuses on the vision of the organisation with emphasis on action for increasing productivity rather than profit. Contemporary strategic leaders empower and motivate their followers via personal and professional competence and presence.

This program focuses on assessing and refining leadership skills, developing and deploying organisational and talent management strategies to build a sustainable, strengths-based organisation that engages employees. Leaders possess the ability to influence others by creating a clear vision through a results oriented approach. This program will help delegates guide their organisation towards great performance and profitability.

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Role of strategic leadership

  • The ability to anticipate, envision and empower others to action.

Creating Unique Value

  • Create effective strategies even in the absence of valuable resources
  • Why mission statements are so important
  • Outsource strategies and considerations
  • How greed and distrust destroy value
  • What the characteristics of successful companies teach us about profitability

Foundations of Value Creation and Value Capture

  • Combine resources, establish dynamic capabilities and sustain advantages
  • What affects value creation from the consumer’s perspective
  • Who captures the most value from innovation

Strategic Value Propositions

  • Achieve a competitive advantage with a good business strategy
  • Low cost strategy advantages and reconfiguring the value chain
  • Ways to distinguish your firm’s value proposition from competitors
  • Strategies for increasing consumer willingness to pay

Leading a vision

The essential skills of strategic leadership

Leading and managing change

Going Global

  • How to manage and transfer competitive advantages in the global arena
  • Strategies for balancing opportunity against opportunism when entering foreign markets
  • What risks exist when entering a foreign market
  • How to overcome market failure
  • How to balance tradeoffs in managing a global business

Developing Networks

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This intensive program will benefit: Directors, Executive Level Managers, HR Executives, Mid Level Managers, Project Managers, Senior Managers and experienced managers wanting to learn techniques to provide a sense of direction for their organisation through improved employee ownership, and alignment of individual objectives to corporate goals.

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United Kingdom

Venue to be announced shortly.

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