CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Market Research Reports

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a global multibillion dollar industry. United Kingdom, Germany, and France are the three major markets with strong growth prospects, but emerging markets in Asia are also witnessing fast growth as US and EU companies relocate to destinations with lower wage costs.

From content management software (CMS) to contact/call centers, CRM applications to CRM Analytics: the reports and books listed under Research and Markets’ CRM category allow you to explore the best business and investment opportunities in this truly global industry. You can also analyse the strategies and services of major industry players such as Oracle Corporation, SAP AG and Salesforce. Who are the top CRM System Providers in the US? How has the Mexican and Central America contact center outsourcing services market evolved? The answers to these – and many more – key market questions are all here!

More publications on contact centres focusing on the technological aspects can be found under the Call Centres sub-category of the Telecommunications and Networks sections. Show Less
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