Gangliosides in Health and Disease, Vol 156. Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science

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Gangliosides in Health and Disease, Volume 154, presents the latest information on Gangliosides, a class of glycolipids that are found on all vertebrate cell surfaces, and are particularly abundant in the brain. Individual chapters in this new volume cover Gangliosides as Toxin Receptors, Gangliosides in Cancer Cell Signaling, Gangliosides in inflammation and neurodegeneration, Gangliosides as functional galectin receptors, Gangliosides in signal transduction, Gangliosides in brain tumor immunology, and Gangliosides in axon regeneration and stability, amongst other related topics. This book brings together world experts in ganglioside structure and function who have been assembled to contribute to this thorough update of the field.

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1. Gangliosides as Toxin Receptors Joseph T. Barbieri 2. Gangliosides in Cancer Cell Signaling Philippe Delannoy 3. Gangliosides in inflammation and neurodegeneration Koichi Furukawa 4. Gangliosides as functional galectin receptors Hans-Joachim Gabius 5. Gangliosides in signal transduction Jin-ichi Inokuchi 6. Gangliosides in brain tumor immunology Stephan Ladisch 7. Gangliosides in axon regeneration and stability Pablo Hector Horacio Lopez Sr. 8. Biological and pathological roles of ganglioside sialidases Taeko Miyagi 9. Gangliosides in wound healing and pain Amy Paller 10. Ganglioside metabolism in health and disease Konrad Sandhoff 11. Disorders of ganglioside biosynthesis Ronald L. Schnaar 12. Gangliosides in membrane organization Sandro Sonnino 13. Ganglioside autoimmune diseases Hugh Willison 14. Ganglioside-mediated aggregation of amyloid B-protein in Alzheimer's disease Katsuhiko Yanagisawa 15. Gangliosides in nerve cell specification Robert K. Yu 16. Gangliosides, Alpha-synuclein and Parkinson's disease Robert W. Ledeen

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