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U.S. Console Gamer Survey

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  • 80 Pages
  • March 2018
  • Region: United States
  • DFC Intelligence
  • ID: 4521790

PlayStation 4 is Top Among U.S. Game Consumers

This report is a summary of survey results of over 800 U.S. console game consumers conducted in February 2018. Results are presented in an 80 page summary report with analysis an Excel spreadsheet with full raw data and a custom interactive dashboard for analysis. Questions focus on system ownership, hours of play, purchase interest, purchase factors, rating of each individual system for Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, ownership of 4K monitors and more.

The publisher has issued its latest forecast for the global video game market that increases its overall outlook for the market. This increase is driven by greater than expected growth in mobile games. In 2017 mobile game software sales was the fastest growing segment with sales soaring 54% to $45 billion. Meanwhile, the Sony PlayStation 4 had a great year and the Nintendo Switch had a strong launch. Together these factors caused video game software sales to reach $100 billion in 2017.

Console systems continued to do very well, and were helped by the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch. DFC forecasts that the PlayStation 4 will eventually join the elite game systems that pass the 100 million sales level. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch is emerging as a great system for younger gamers and a secondary system for owners of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The Switch is still somewhat of a niche system.

The publisher also released results from a survey of over 800 gamers conducted with Bowen Research. The focus of the survey was on older console system owners in the United States. Over 25% of respondents already owned a Switch and 85% of those Switch owners also owned a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One system. In terms of consumer assessment of the quality of each game system, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro stood out well above the Switch and Xbox One/Xbox One X system.

One area that is of concern is how much adoption there will be for the graphic enhanced systems, the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X. The penetration of 4K monitors among respondents was fairly high at 44%. The problem is consumers did not see the Xbox One X as providing a major graphics advantage over either the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro. Meanwhile, the strong game library for the PlayStation systems was a major plus, while the price of the Xbox One X was a major negative.

In the console market, DFC has slightly raised its forecast for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Xbox One forecasts have been lowered. Forecasts for both the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X have also been lowered. The core adopter for the high-end graphic systems is fairly limited until prices come down,” said Cole. “Most consumers have a hard-time understanding the difference the high-end systems provide and sales numbers seem to bear that out.

The publisher forecasts that 2018 will be another strong year for the video game industry. By 2022, the industry is forecast to reach $134 billion in game software sales. This number could be even higher if some new game systems are released over the next few years.

Table of Contents

Conditions of Purchase

About This Report
Summary of Key Points
Xbox One Likes and Dislikes
PlayStation 4 Likes and Dislikes
Xbox One X Likes and Dislikes
PlayStation 4 Pro Likes and Dislikes
Nintendo Switch Likes and Dislikes

Survey Overview Questions
How old are you?
What is your gender?
How many hours a week do you play full console (Xbox or PlayStation, etc.) or PC games?
Do you or does anyone in your family work in any of these industries?
What game system(s) do you now own and use regularly?
How would you rank these as the most important features for the next videogame system you might buy?
Compatibility with which of these systems is very important to you?
Q5 How interested are you in buying one of these game consoles?
PlayStation 4 Purchase Interest
PlayStation 4 Pro Purchase Interest
Xbox One Purchase Interest
Xbox One X Purchase Interest
Nintendo Switch Purchase Interest
Which of these are the main ways you learn about new game consoles
Q6 Which of these are the main ways you learn about new game consoles
How much do you know about each game system?
How much do you feel you know about the Xbox One?
Main Feature Rating: All Systems

Xbox One. game library
Xbox One. graphics
Xbox One. power
Xbox One. price
PlayStation 4. game library
PlayStation 4. graphics
PlayStation 4. power
PlayStation 4. price
Xbox One X. game library
Xbox One X. graphics
Xbox One X. power
Xbox One X. price
PlayStation 4 Pro. game library
PlayStation 4 Pro. graphics
PlayStation 4 Pro. power
PlayStation 4 Pro. price
Nintendo Switch. game library
Nintendo Switch. graphics
Nintendo Switch. power
Nintendo Switch. price
Xbox One Price Estimate
Xbox One X Price Estimate
PlayStation 4 Price Estimate
PlayStation 4 Pro Price Estimate
Nintendo Switch Price Estimate
PlayStation 4 Seen as Strongest System
How would you rate Xbox One for these features? 1-5 where 1 = very poor, 5 =great?
Xbox One Features: Overall Rating
How much do you feel you know about the PlayStation 4?
How would you rate the PlayStation 4 for these features? 1-5 where 1 = very poor, 5 =great
PlayStation 4 Features Overall Rating
How much do you feel you know about the Xbox One X?
How would you rate the Xbox One X for these features? 1-5 where 1 = very poor, 5 =great
Xbox One X Features: Overall Rating
How much do you feel you know about the PlayStation 4 Pro?
How would you rate the PlayStation 4 Pro for these features? 1-5 where 1 = very poor, 5 =great
PlayStation 4 Pro Features: Overall Rating
How much do you feel you know about the Nintendo Switch?
How would you rate the Nintendo Switch for these features? 1-5 where 1 = very poor, 5 =great
How much do you agree with the following statements?
How do consumers respond to the major attributes/claims of the console makers?
Xbox One X is a revolutionary game console
Graphics of the Xbox One X make it a “must have” console for me
The game library of the PlayStation 4 makes it the best game console in the world
PlayStation VR is a “must have” for me
Does the monitor for your current videogame console support high end, 4K HDR?
Does the penetration of high end monitors significantly hold down the market appeal of the Xbox One X at this point?
If you don’t have a high end, 4K HDR monitor, how likely is it you will get one in the next year or two?
What do you think the cost is for these five systems? (leave blank if you don't know)


Companies Mentioned

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes:

  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Sony