Microbiology of Atypical Environments, Vol 45. Methods in Microbiology

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Microbiology of Atypical Environments, Volume 45, presents a comprehensive reference text on the microbiological methods used to research the basic biology of microorganism in harsh, stressful and sometimes atypical environments (e.g. arctic ice, space stations, extraterrestrial environments, hot springs and magnetic environments). Chapters in this release include Biofilms in space, Methods for studying the survival of microorganisms in extraterrestrial environments, Persistence of Fungi in Atypical (Closed) Environments Based on Evidence from the International Space Station (ISS): Distribution and Significance to Human health, Methods for visualizing microorganisms in Icy environments, Measuring microbial metabolism at surface-air interfaces and nuclear waste management, amongst others.

  • Contains both established and emerging methods
  • Provides excellent reference lists on the topics covered

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Section 1: Methods for Studying Microorganisms in Space

- Microbiology of the Built Environment in Spacecraft Used for Human Flight

Jiseon Yang, Starla G. Thornhill, Jennifer Barrila, Cheryl A. Nickerson, Charlie M. Ott and Robert J.C. McLean

- The Study of Microbial Survival in Extraterrestrial Environments Using Low Earth Orbit and Ground-Based Experiments

Karen Olsson-Francis, Nisha K. Ramkissoon, Alex B. Price, David J. Slade, Michael Macey and Victoria K. Pearson

- Persistence of Fungi in Atypical, Closed Environments: Cultivation to Omics

Adriana Blachowicz, Kasthuri Venkateswaran and Clay C.C. Wang

Section 2: Molecular Methods

- Molecular Methods for Studying Microorganisms From Atypical Environments

Hirak Ranjan Dash and Surajit Das

- Measuring Microbial Metabolism in Atypical Environments

Wendy Stone and Gideon Wolfaardt

- Rock-Inhabiting Fungi: Survival on and Alteration of Solid Air-Exposed Surfaces

Nicole Knabe and Anna A. Gorbushina

- Taxonomy of Oral Bacteria

Samantha J. Byrne, Catherine A. Butler, Eric C. Reynolds and Stuart G. Dashper

- Aqueous Methods for Extraction/Recovery of Macromolecules From Microorganisms of Atypical Environments: A Focus on Three Phase Partitioning

Mohammed Gagaoua

- Microbial Community Composition and Predicted Functional Attributes of Antarctic Lithobionts Using Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing and of Bioinformatics Tools

Hyunmin Koo, Joseph Hakim, Casey Morrow, Dale T. Andersen and Asim K. Bej

Section 3: Microscopic Methods

- Methods for Collection and Characterization of Samples From Icy Environments

Manuel Bedrossian, Jody W. Deming and Jay Nadeau

- Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Extremely Halophilic Microbes

Harold Engelhardt and Daniel Bollschweiler

Section 4: Organisms

- Methods to Study Magnetotactic Bacteria and Magnetosomes

Lei Yan and Weijia Xing

- Molecular Methods to Study Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus From Atypical Environments

Indrani Karunasagar, Biswajit Maiti and Ballamoole Krishna Kumar
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