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Meditation, Volume 244, the latest release in the Progress in Brain Research series, highlights new advances in the field with this new volume presenting interesting chapters on The effect of meditation on attentional processes, State-trait influences of Vipassana meditation practice on P3 EEG dynamics, What could teachers learn from the neuroscience of self-experience?, Training Attention for Conscious Non-REM Sleep: The Yogic Technique of Yoga Nidra and Its Implications for Neuroscience Research, CNV and P3 modulations following sensorimotor training, Analytical meditation: a characterization of a reasoning-based meditation training, Buddhist meditation and the regulation of brain networks, Mindfulness-based Emotional Balance Training in Military Spouse, and more.

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- The neuroscience of meditation: Classification, phenomenology, correlates, and mechanisms

Tracy Brandmeyer, Arnaud Delorme and Helané Wahbeh

- Evolution from four mental states to the highest state of consciousness: A neurophysiological basis of meditation as defined in yoga texts

Singh Deepeshwar, H.R. Nagendra and Bal Budhi Rana

- Meditation induces physical relaxation and enhances cognition: A perplexing paradox

Kishore K. Deepak

- Contingent negative variation and P3 modulations following mindful movement training

Stefano Lasaponara, Joseph Glicksohn, Federica Mauro and Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan

- State-trait influences of Vipassana meditation practice on P3 EEG dynamics

Ratna Jyothi Kakumanu, Ajay Kumar Nair, Arun Sasidharan, John P. John, Seema Mehrotra, Ravindra Panth and Bindu M. Kutty

- Short-term mindful breath awareness training improves inhibitory control and response monitoring

Joan P. Pozuelos, Bethan R. Mead, Maria Rosario Rueda and Peter Malinowski

- Fully immersed: State absorption and electrophysiological effects of the OVO Whole-Body Perceptual Deprivation chamber

Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan, Federica Mauro, Stefano Lasaponara, Joseph Glicksohn, Fabio Marson and Aviva Berkovich-Ohana

- Concentrative (Sahaj Samadhi) meditation training and visual awareness: An fMRI study on color afterimages

Amrendra Singh, V. S. Chandrasekhar Pammi, Anupam Ghuleria and Narayanan Srinivasan

- Toward a brain theory of meditation

Antonino Raffone, Laura Marzetti, Cosimo Del Gratta, Mauro Gianni Perrucci, Gian Luca Romani and Vittorio Pizzella

- Tibetan Buddhist monastic debate: Psychological and neuroscientific analysis of a reasoning-based analytical meditation practice

Marieke K. van Vugt, Amir Moye, Joshua Pollock, Bryce Johnson, Marcel O. Bonn-Miller, Kalden Gyatso, Jampa Thakchoe, Thokney Adentsang, Ngawang Norbu, Lobsang Tenzin, Thabkhe Lodroe, Jampa Lobsang, Jampa Gyaltsen, Jampa Khechok, Thupten Gyaltsen and David M. Fresco

- Training attention for conscious non-REM sleep: The yogic practice of yoga-nidra and its implications for neuroscience research

Stephen Parker

- Nondual awareness: Consciousness-as-such as non-representational reflexivity

Zoran Josipovic

- The contemplative exercise through the lenses of predictive processing: A promising approach

Giuseppe Pagnoni

- Mindfulness training as cognitive training in high-demand cohorts: An initial study in elite military servicemembers

Anthony P. Zanesco, Ekaterina Denkova, Scott L. Rogers, William K. MacNulty and Amishi P. Jha

- Contemplative neuroscience, self-awareness, and education

Aviva Berkovich-Ohana, Patricia A. Jennings and Shiri Lavy

- Yoga: Balancing the excitation-inhibition equilibrium in psychiatric disorders

Urvakhsh Meherwan Mehta and Bangalore N. Gangadhar
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