Biological NMR Part B, Vol 615. Methods in Enzymology

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Biological NMR, Part B, the latest release in the Methods of Enzymology series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters on a variety of topics, including Protein methyl labeling, Membrane protein expression - yeast, Protein aromatic labeling, His-tag/Metal contamination, Bicelles, nanodiscs & micelles MP host, PTM - phosphorylation, PTM - lipidation, Screening platform for receptor-ligand discovery, Solution Spectroscopy, Large protein strategies, NUS data collection/analysis, F19 incl. hydration, ODNP - hydration, Reverse micelle - Hydration, Solid State Spectroscopy, SS NMR membrane proteins, SS NMR soluble/aggregate proteins, SS DNP - general, SS NMR nucleic acids, and much more.

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- Companion Simulations and Modeling to NMR-Based Dynamical Studies of Proteins

Kim A. Sharp

- Reverse Micelle Encapsulation of Proteins for NMR Spectroscopy

Brian Fuglestad, Bryan S. Marques, Christine Jorge, Nicole E. Kerstetter, Kathleen G. Valentine and A. Joshua Wand

- Characterizing Protein Hydration Dynamics Using Solution NMR Spectroscopy

Christine Jorge, Bryan S. Marques, Kathleen G. Valentine and A. Joshua Wand

- Understanding Protein Function Through an Ensemble Description Characterization of Functional States by 19F NMR

Christopher Di Pietrantonio, Aditya Pandey, Jerome Gould, Advait Hasabnis and Robert Scott Prosser

- Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for the Study of Hydration Dynamics, Explained

John M. Franck and Songi Han

- Chemical Exchange

Arthur G. Palmer III and Hans Koss

- Characterization of Internal Protein Dynamics and Conformational Entropy by NMR Relaxation

Matthew A. Stetz, José A. Caro, Sravya Kotaru, Xuejun Yao, Bryan Marques, Kathleen G. Valentine and A. Joshua Wand

- NMR Methods for Characterizing the Basic Side Chains of Proteins: Electrostatic Interactions, Hydrogen Bonds, and Conformational Dynamics

Dan Nguyen, Chuanying Chen, B. Montgomery Pettitt and Junji Iwahara

- Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of RNA

Alexander Marchanka and Teresa Carlomagno

- DNP-Assisted NMR Investigation of Proteins at Endogenous Levels in Cellular Milieu

Whitney N. Costello, Yiling Xiao and Kendra K. Frederick

- Identification of Unknown Metabolomics Mixture Compounds by Combining NMR, MS, and Cheminformatics

Abigail Leggett, Cheng Wang, Da-Wei Li, Arpad Somogyi, Lei Bruschweiler-Li and Rafael Brüschweiler

- STD NMR as a Technique for Ligand Screening and Structural Studies

Samuel Walpole, Serena Monaco, Ridvan Nepravishta and Jesus Angulo

- An ELISA-Based Screening Platform for Ligand-Receptor Discovery

Sinem Ozgul, Sventja von Daake, Sumie Kakehi, Davide Sereni, Natalia Denissova, Carlie Hanlon, Yuanpeng Janet Huang, John K. Everett, Cuifeng Yin, Gaetano T. Montelione and Davide Comoletti

- Protein-Small Molecule Interactions by waterLOGSY

Renjie Huang and Ivanhoe K.H. Leung

- Applications of Dissolution-DNP for NMR Screening

Yaewon Kim and Christian Hilty
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Wand, A.Joshua
Dr. A. Joshua Wand teaches at the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA
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